Getting started

Learn how to get started using Bing Ads today. Whether you’re new to search engine marketing or already a pro and just importing your campaigns from AdWords, we’ve got the information you need. For personalized assistance, there's free coaching to help you get started.

Import from AdWords

  1. Everyone loves a shortcut.
    No need to recreate what you’ve already done. Import your existing campaigns now.
  2. We'll show you around.
    Take a quick video tour to get familiar with Bing Ads.
  3. Make a few adjustments.
    Different search engines, different searchers. Make sure your imported campaigns are optimized for Bing Ads.

New to search marketing

  1. Creativity counts.
    Let’s get your business noticed. First, sign up and create your campaign.
  2. Customers? Yes, please.
    Now, get those ads in front of customers. Set your keywords
    and bids
  3. Choose your budget.
    What do you want to accomplish with your money? You can spend a little or a lot. It’s your decision and Bing Ads lets you set a budget and helps you stick to it.

Bing Ads Quick Tour

Want to see a bit more of Bing Ads? Here's a quick tour to get what you'll see as you get started.


Why search engine marketing?

The best way to get your web site in the top search engine results.