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Drive calls and traffic to your store with mobileToday’s mobile customers take immediate actions in real time and on-the-go. Flexibility and easy access to their smartphones and tablets allow for fast decision-making purchases. With Bing Ads mobile offerings, you can reach millions of mobile customers and drive business efficiently and with great control.


Attract customers in your areaLocation Extensions help potential customers find and visit your location, not just your website. Your clickable phone number and directions make it simple for customers to connect and do business with you. Enable Location Extensions in Bing Ads with a few quick steps and easily share your business address and phone number in your ad.



Generate great leads with Ad ExtensionsGenerate great leads for your businessCall Extensions make your phone number appear right inside of your text ad. No matter the device, it’s easy for customers to reach you—online or offline, mobile or desktop. On mobile, customers simply tap the phone number to make the call. When offline, they dial on a landline or mobile.


Learn more about Call Extensions in What are Ad Extensions?


Connect more deeply with higher value. Target mobile devices independently or specifically as part of your device-targeting strategy. You’ll be able to optimize your ad creative, landing experience and bids for different devices, which increases engagement and ROI. When you target by device, you can also specify the operating systems for smartphones and tablets. Get started by learning how to target customers in Bing Ads.


Aim locally to connect with customers betterLocation Targeting can help you reach the most relevant customers based on their physical locations or where they express interest in their search query. With improved features such as Nielsen DMAs, targeting union and Geo Radius targeting, customers who search for businesses in certain areas only see ads that are relevant to them.


When mobile searchers are on-the-go and ready to buy, make sure they consider your business first. Sign in and show your ads to mobile searchers today.


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