Changes coming to Bing Ads due to Content Ads Deprecation

As Rakesh outlined earlier, as part of our ongoing effort to ensure high quality traffic for you, in early August we will stop serving Content Ads on Microsoft, Yahoo and our network of websites. These ads represent less than 2% of traffic on our network. As the only remaining content advertising option is available only for customers in the United States (serving content ads in Windows media and Windows apps), there will be a set of small changes that happen automatically that I will outline below.

What is changing for United States customers?

United States customers will not see any change in the Web, Editor, or API. However, as of early August US customers opted into content ads will only have those content ads serving in Windows media and Windows Apps.

What is changing for advertisers in other markets?

The below changes will happen automatically. Most customers garner minimal value from the content network and many customers chose to opt out of the content networks. Hence, many customers may not notice the change.

Interface changes – middle of August: As there will be no more remaining content ads services, we will stop the ability to create ad groups with a content distribution or update ad groups’ content distribution based information.

o   Web: You will not see the content distribution option when creating or editing ad groups.

o   Editor: When syncing your changes, if you try to create a search + content ad group, it will be saved as a search ad group. When syncing changes an error will be thrown if you try to create a content only ad group or update content distribution based information. In later versions, the option to make these changes this will be removed

o   API: If you try to add a new search + content ad group it will save as a search ad group. If you try to add a content ad group an error will be thrown. If you try to update content based information an error will be thrown.

Import: If you import a Search and Display campaign from AdWords, the ad group distribution will be Search in Bing Ads. If you try to import a Display campaign from Adwords, it will not be imported; Bing Ads does not have Display Advertising.

Your current content ad groups: Your current search + content ad groups will automatically become search ad groups in the next few months. For the few of you who have content only ad groups, those will automatically become paused search ad groups.

Thank you

We want to thank you for all of your feedback. We are continuing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that ROI on Bing Ads is as high it can be for our advertisers.

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Relevancy – Improve your campaigns with seasonal ads

The year offers a number of seasonal events, not just Christmas, and a chance to target and also reach a potentially new cohort of customers. Considering this, advertisers must ensure that their campaigns are updated regularly; making this seasonally-focused can help you grow your customer base. 

For example, Contoso Clothing sells wearable items, from shoes to hats. Contoso has numerous campaigns and ad groups.


To get their campaign summer-ready, Contoso should:

  • Focus their budget on campaigns which perform well at this time of the year

Given that we are fast approaching the summer season, Contoso can expect to see an increase in demand for shorts, sandals and sunglasses. Contoso can expect to see campaigns which advertise for winter coats and boots receiving fewer impressions and, subsequently, clicks. To ensure high ROI, it is advisable that Contoso allocates sufficient budget to campaigns which are seasonally topical.

Studying trends within your business segment is critical. Some businesses lend themselves more easily to seasonally-dependent marketing, while others require an in-depth analysis.

To make the most of a well-balanced budget, it is now paramount that your ad copy is relevant and enticing to the YBN-user

A quick way to ensure your ad copy remains relevant is to review the…

  • Use of dynamic insertion – dynamic insertion is a way of setting up an ad in such a way, that the search query (or a variant of the search query) is inserted into the ad copy, ad title and/or display URL.

Contoso Clothing may upload an ad containing a place holder. For example,

Buy {KeyWord: Sandals}

2-3 day Delivery, nationwide.{KeyWord: Sandals}

When creating a dynamic ad, it is vital to pay attention to your choice of keywords and match type.

To make your ad copy even more powerful, it is important to emphasise seasonal urgency.

The excitement the summer season brings goes hand in hand with a rush to the tills. Shoppers, as numerous studies have shown, like to prepare and plan – they enjoy scrawling through the web for offers and seasonal discounts.

These could include special promotions for early-bird shoppers, (e.g. 10 % off on all Sandals. Limited to June.) and/or delivery promotions for those shoppers running late (e.g. The Sun’s out. 24-hour Delivery on All Sandals.).

In short, evoking the feeling that an offer is limited, increases desire in consumers, and leads to high demand.

The ‘scarcity value’ is not merely a concept which helps advertisers increase sales. Seasons come and go.

For example, Contoso may create an ad which highlights that ‘summer is upon us’.

Buy Sandals

Make the most of summer days.

As per usual when creating ads, steer clear of sensational language and remain within our style and content guidelines.

Furthermore, it is important that you update your content ahead of the season and/or event.

Imagine a different scenario; Contoso Tickets is selling event tickets throughout Europe, it is festival season. The advertiser is interested in promoting tickets to one of the big horseracing festivals. Upon uploading, his ad (following this paragraph) is sent for review for ‘gambling content’. This is due to our automated system which ensures that sensitive content is manually checked. While the BingAds Editorial Team will do its best to review the content as swiftly as possible, the advertiser may miss out on advertising the horse races if he uploads the content only a few hours before the start of the event.

Want to have a gamble?

Tickets to the Horse Races.

Relevancy, as this article has hopefully shown, is not merely a combination of keyword, ad and landing page, but is also a matter of how people live, consume and think. Please feel free to leave a comment with your feedback, suggestions and/or questions. 




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One Display URL Domain per Ad Group

Display URL plays a vital role in ad copy as it signals users on where they’ll get redirected after clicking. An example of display URL would be “” marked in green in below ad copy.


Typically, the purpose of an Ad Group is to bring together related ads and keywords under a common theme and therefore sharing the same display URL domain for all ads.

In our efforts to provide users with a high quality experience, we’ve decided to enforce an additional check for display URL’s belonging to an ad group. Therefore, beginning first week of August, we will allow only single display domain to be associated with an ad group. This amendment will be global and would apply to ad groups across countries and languages.


What display URLs will be allowed?

All URLs hosted in the same site including subdomains sharing the same domain will be allowed. An example for compliant and non-compliant set of display URL’s within an ad group will be:

Ad Group 1

Ad Group 2



All the URLs shown under ‘Ad Group 1’ are allowed because they share the same top-level or root domain of “”, even though the URLs are different. The URLs shown under ‘Ad Group 2’ are not allowed because they don’t have the same root domain.


How will I know if my ad groups are non-compliant?

Once the policy is rolled out starting August first week, we will start disapproving non-compliant ad groups and rejected ads will have following message listed in Bing Ads UI:


Similar messaging will be available in Bing Ads Editor.


Corrective action plan

While most of our advertisers today follow the practice of having one domain per ad group for display URLs, action will be required from those who do not. If any of your ad group contains multiple domains for display URL, align the ads into separate ad groups so that ads within an ad group contain same domain for display URLs to avoid any disruption caused by disapprovals.

Also, ensure that display URL and landing page URL also share the same top level domain and adhere to all Bing Ads editorial policies for display URL.


Can I request an exception?

While we do acknowledge that there might be scenarios requiring presence of different display domains to be associated with same ad group, we would not be able to provide an exception. This change is being implemented in our efforts to help you categorize your ad groups better.


Thanks for reading and, as always, we're happy to hear your thoughts on enhancements we can make to improve your Bing Ads experience. Stay connected with us through Feature Suggestion ForumTwitter, or Bing Ads Feedback.




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Safeguarding your Bing Ads login credentials from getting phished

Recently, there has been an increased incidence of phishing targeting Bing Ads using Google search. The top sponsored result on the Google search results page for queries such as {Bing ads}, {Bing ads login}, {Bing ads sign in} directs unsuspecting users to a look-alike Bing Ads login landing page. Such attacks can compromise the Bing Ads login credentials of advertisers.

We ask that advertisers be extra vigilant and not enter their login credentials on phishing sites. 

 bing ads phishing

How to Report a Phishing URL

In order to protect you from dangerous websites, Microsoft maintains a list of websites that puts you at risk through phishing, malware, etc. You can report such websites in Internet Explorer and Google using the below steps. In turn, Microsoft analyzes such websites and warns you if a site seems dangerous.

Internet Explorer

bing ads phishing


You can report a phishing website here, which in turn will take you to the page shown below.  Verify that you are not a robot and click “submit report.”

bing ads phishing


Steps for Staying Safe

Safeguarding your credentials is easy, provided you’re vigilant about doing so.  Here are three simple steps to protect yourself from phishing.

bing ads phishing

Connect With Us

As always, we are doing everything possible on this end to optimize the experience of our Advertisers, and invite your feedback, comments or concerns.  You can reach us on Twitter, discuss issues in the Support Forums with your peers and our support staff, or visit our Support page for more options in immediate support.

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