Drive calls and traffic to your store with mobileTap into more customers with Bing Ads on mobile devices. Online advertising is changing rapidly — without mobile ads as part of your paid search strategy you are missing out on customers.


Drive sales and leads with mobile search ads. Make sure your search campaigns are opted in to mobile devices in your Bing Ads account:


  1. Go to the Campaign settings tab.
  2. Expand Advanced targeting options.
  3. Click Device, check the box next to Smartphones and other mobile devices with full browsers.


Attract customers in your area. Turn on Location Extensions today in just a few quick steps to help customers find and visit your location, not just your website. Clickable directions make it simple for customers to connect and do business with you.


Help customers click exactly where they want to go. Add Sitelink Extensions to lead customers to the right spot on your webpage. Sitelink Extensions offer smartphone customers additional links in your ad that take them to the exact information they are looking for. This increases your click-through rates, conversion rates and your profit.


Mobile screen displaying ad extensions Customers who call are more likely to purchase. Create Call Extensions to make your phone number appear right inside of your text ad. No matter the device, it's easy for customers to reach your business by simply tapping the phone number to make a call.


Find customers who are near you. Use Location Targeting to reach the most relevant customers based on their physical location. With improved features such as Nielsen DMAs, targeting union and Geo Radius targeting, customers who search for businesses in certain areas only see ads that are relevant to them.


Today’s mobile customers are searching, shopping and buying in real time and on the go. Don’t miss out on millions of mobile customers — sign in to Bing Ads and show them your ads today.


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