Become a Bing Authorized ResellerGet more business for your clients and more clients for your business. Join the Bing Authorized Reseller Program to receive benefits, training, marketing and advertising solutions. In addition, earn incentives when you onboard your clients to Bing Ads.


Help your clients reach their customers on the Yahoo Bing Network


  • Drive greater value for your small-business clients.
  • Gain access to high-quality inventory and innovative advertising solutions from Microsoft.
  • Become a more successful ad manager by helping your clients more effectively reach their customers on the Yahoo Bing Network.


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What you get as a Bing Authorized Reseller Click to view Advance Digital reseller case study

  • Access to the robust Bing Ads API for easy and efficient campaign creation, optimization
    and management.
  • Expanded suite of advertising solutions for your clients, including the Microsoft Advertising Exchange.
  • Performance incentives based on number of advertisers and total spend under management.
  • Access to training, account service support and marketing tools to help drive more effective advertising solutions for your clients.


What your clients get


  • More time to focus on daily operations and providing better service to their customers.
  • The ability to reach their desired audience through advanced targeting capabilities, including location, radius and demographic targeting.
  • Assurance of working with a Bing Authorized Reseller to maximize their return on investment.
  • A high quality audience. Reach 161 million unique searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network who spend 23 percent more online than the average Internet searcher.1


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Find and share local customer data

Download fact sheets for Auto dealerships, Lawyers and Home improvement for 16 cities in the U.S.
Add your company logo and contact info, then share them with your clients


Find out more about the Bing Authorized Reseller program: Bing Program Onesheet

Authorized reseller 

How to make the most of your Bing Authorized Reseller experience


Increase your industry visibility and recognition, and maximize ROI for you and your clients, when you become an Accredited Professional.


As a member, you can:




1. comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), December 2014. The Yahoo Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo Core Search sites in the U.S.