Bing Smart Search helps consumers find what they need across the webBing Smart Search delivers a new way to search, giving consumers a faster way to find what they need no matter where it lives — whether it's a document on a PC, a photo album in the cloud, an app, or a website. And it does so with a single, intelligently curated, beautifully organized set of results. There's no need to open a browser — Smart Search is ready on the Start page, or anywhere else in Windows 8.1 that a consumer's daily activities take them.


Smart Search connects consumers with advertisers who offer the products or services they are looking for when it is relevant and useful in helping to complete a task. Search results are touch-friendly, and web previews let searchers know what they are getting before they click. Plus, Sitelink Extensions, Merchant Ratings and Location Extensions are all integrated into search listings so customers can easily connect with your business.



Prep your ads for Smart Search

The best part for Yahoo Bing advertisers is that their ads are automatically eligible for inclusion in Smart Search results across Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets. For the best results, be sure to optimize your campaign focusing on your quality score. Make sure your keywords are relevant: use our keyword and bid research tools to find the keywords that will resonate most with your audience. See how to build better keyword lists with Bing Ads Intelligence.


Display of touch-friendly search resultsAlso, you’ll want to create the best customer experience on your landing page: It should feature relevant, compelling copy that delivers the information your potential customers need. Following this advice should help you achieve a high quality score.


Additional optimization tips


  • Ensure your site is available to be crawled by the Bing Index Crawler.
  • Avoid flash or overlays that don’t render in web previews.
  • Make sure your landing page loads quickly.
  • Use images on your landing page that relate to your search ads.
  • Use large images and avoid lots of competing images. 
  • Avoid using forms and large blocks of text.




Bing Smart Search lets searchers do more, faster. Get started today.


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