Bing Smart Search helps consumers find what they need across the webBing Smart Search is a new and faster way to search, helping consumers find what they need no matter where it lives — a document, photo album, app or website, on the PC or in the Cloud. Through Windows 8.1, customers will see search results in a single experience that is intelligently curated and beautifully organized. There's no need to open a browser — Smart Search is ready on the Start page, or anywhere else in Windows 8.1 that a consumer's daily activities take them.


Advertisers that offer products and services can connect with consumers via Smart Search when it is relevant and useful in helping to complete a task. Search results are touch-friendly, and web previews let searchers know what they are getting before they click. Plus, Sitelink Extensions, Merchant Ratings and Location Extensions are all integrated into search listings so customers can easily connect with your business.



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