Bing Ads and You: Introducing the Enhanced Search Query Report

Hot off the press!  We are pleased to announce that a major update to the popular Search Query Report is now available to our customers!  For some great background context on the product and our team’s intentions during its development, check out Nishant Gupta’s, Feature Forward: Enhanced Search Query Report Offers Even More Specific Options.

An important tool for every campaign manager is our Search Query Report, which reveals search queries-triggered clicks on your campaigns.  You can use it to:

1) IDENTIFY opportunities for new keywords and adjust their bids to maximize ROI.

For example, the Search Query Report shows that your broad matching keywords, golf clubs, is attracting many clicks from the search queries golf clubs sales and junior golf clubs.  Given those two terms convert very well on your web site, we recommend you add those two terms to your keyword list as exact match and bid appropriately to generate more clicks volume.

2) CONTROL the search traffic engaging with your campaign(s).

For example, the Search Query Report also indicates that your broad matching keywords, golf clubs, is attracting clicks from the search query, joining country clubs, which in turn doesn’t convert well on your website.  To reconcile, you can:

  • Use the broad match modifier to emphasize the fact that your business is selling golf clubs by adding a “+” sign immediately in front of the word “golf.”  The modified keywords (+golf clubs) will only attract search traffic having the word golfin it.
  • Add joining country clubs to your negative keyword list to block this specific traffic.
  • You can learn more about this two optimization techniques at Bing Ads Cure Keywords Caught in Bad Romance

Overview of the Enhanced Search Query Report

As revealed by a recent industry study, mobile and tablet search traffic generate more than 20 percent of overall click volume and is growing rapidly as more and more people use their mobile and tablet devices as dictionaries, tour guides, recipe books, and the like for instant guidance.  As a result, the search marketplace includes an increasing number of search terms with stop words, such as “what, “how,” or “where.”  As of today, April 11th, Bing Ads includes stop words and additional characters in the Search Query Column of the Search Query Report to give you more insight into searcher intent.  This enhancement will not apply to search queries before April 11th. 

Bing Ads Enhanced Search Query Report_ Stop Words

Benefits of the Enhanced Search Query Report

This enhancement will provide greater transparency and enable you to more closely monitor user intent.  For example: a golf teaching center at Seattle is bidding on the keyword phrase, “learn golf ,” which in turn generates clicks from three different search terms- namely, “learn golf in Seattle,” “where to learn golf in Seattle” and “how to learn golf in Seattle.”  Prior to yesterday, the performance data of those three search terms were summarized under “learn golf Seattle.”  With this enhancement however, the Search Term column will preserve the stop words and additional characters, enabling advertisers to see performance data for each search term separately and optimize them accordingly. 

Enhanced Search Query_ Before After

How To Leverage the Enhanced Search Query Report

Here are 3 simple steps to use the new Search Query Report to improve your ROI:


Enhanced Search Query_Improve Your ROI in These 3 Steps

Improving insight granularity and specificity in through the newly improved Search Query Report is part of our continual efforts to enhance product performance and increase your satisfaction with Bing Ads.  Thank you for your support and feedback along the way.  To us, You are Bing Ads.

Ping Jen

Bing Ads Product Manger

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