Bing Ads in 2013: A Solid Foundation for a Great 2014

At Bing Ads, our teams rally around an unwavering commitment to deliver value to our customers and to consumers. As I take a look back at the last twelve months and take inventory of what we have accomplished, I see 2013 as a foundational year for our business and that this year will continue that positive momentum.

We’re poised for a strong 2014. The work we’ve done across the platform and the continued partnership with Yahoo will pay dividends to our customers. We’ll be working to further integrate Bing into Microsoft devices such as Windows Phone and Xbox, giving advertisers more opportunities to touch potential customers.

Last year we reached significant milestones and delivered new experiences, including:

  • 24 new markets to better deliver global scale to our advertising partners. We’ve recently added Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and now reach 35 markets overall.
  • Marketplace investments to improve ROI by increasing click volume while minimizing cost-per-click. Total marketplace clicks increased 37% year over year and, for non-brand terms, Yahoo Bing Network was able to reduce the ROI gap to 6%.
  • Mobile and local products and enhancements connecting advertisers with customers who are ready to buy using location extensions and call-to-click integration with Skype.
  • Smart Search in Windows 8.1, bringing advertisers a differentiated opportunity to connect with customers through new search experiences.
  • More than a thousand updates to the Bing Ads platform, and over 50 new features released globally including enhancements to improve matching technologies.
  • Continued progress in reducing advertiser friction and increasing satisfaction, with over 270 proprietary event touch points with engineers to ensure feedback is incorporated into our platform planning cycles.

...and more.

Others see what we’re doing and agree that Bing Ads is delivering advertisers more value:

“Spending on Bing Ads, which includes Yahoo, grew 43% Y/Y in Q4.  The platform continues to better monetize its traffic through more expansive ad matching logic.  Bing Ads’ new Product Ads format showed potential in Q4, generating 7% of non-brand ad spend for participating retailers.”RKG Digital Marketing Report, Q4 2013

Although 2013 was a strong year for us, we know we need to do more. We can do more.

Bing Ads will continue to improve to give advertisers the scale and features that will boost their Bing ROI. We also will continue to ensure that advertising on the Yahoo Bing Network doesn’t require advertisers to over-invest scarce resources into building campaigns on our platform. We are dedicated to making search as easy and seamless as it can be for marketers.

So, what does 2014 look like?

As I mentioned before, our team will continue to be maniacally focused on solutions to enable advertiser success. We will continue to connect advertisers to opportunities across the Microsoft ecosystem; across multiple devices and screens. And we’ll continue to provide them the tools on Bing Ads to optimize for return on time spent, as well as their budgetary investments. That will include easier access to APIs, faster ways to manage campaigns, and more search intelligence.

We also know that data is king. Our platform engineers are working non-stop to provide data and analytic insights to advertisers, such as cross-channel audience views from all Microsoft publishers, multi-channel funnel analysis, and integrated search and display attribution.

We’re going to continue to drive innovation. Advertisers continue to ask us for dynamic and visually rich ad formats that drive engagement. We have already previewed some of these, like Hero Ads which we showed at Bing Ads Next last year. Each new offering we provide is designed to provide our advertisers with value and results that are best catered to your business.

Last we will continue to extend Hero Ads in different ways and create additional rich ad extensions to drive calls to your business and increase click-through rates. Our philosophy is that by putting consumers first, you will get more results for your business.

As always, I thank you for your support. I hope 2013 was a successful year for you, and that 2014 will be your best year yet.


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