Bing Ads January Release Summary

Here's what happened in January.

Sitelink Extensions Available in More Markets

Sitelinks are newly available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.  For details and an overview of this popular feature's global growth since their launch, see Eliot Li’s announcement here.  Stay close for more updates coming soon about mobile sitelinks and ad extensions with Bing Ads, as these features are making their way quickly through the product pipeline over the next couple of months.

*Tip:  Learn how to get customers’ attention and attract more clicks by adding Sitelink Extensions to your ad.

*Mobile sitelinks are now serving on the Yahoo! platform in the US.    

Bing Ads Secure Sign-in  

Just a reminder that we've upgraded Bing Ads to support a more secure sign-in process using a Microsoft account. In addition to Bing Ads and Bing Ads Editor, secure authentication is available for Bing Ads Intelligence and API.  When you sign in, you’ll see a message to change your Bing Ads sign-in credentials to an existing or new Microsoft account.

*For step-by-step sign-in guidance, visit Dare Obasanjo's Using Microsoft Accounts to Sign In to Bing Ads.  For tips and insight, check out 5 Best Practices When Signing in to Bing Ads with a Microsoft Account

Bing Ads API Version 9 Bulk Service

This month's API release includes four new additions to Bulk Service, including Shared Ad Extensions, and more editorial convenience.  For a detailed release summary for API, see Ravi’s Announcing the 2014 Release of Bing Ads API.

* For all API release notes, visit MSDN.  For the latest announcements and insight from our API engineers, check out their API Blog.  You can also post your API questions on the Bing API Forum. 

What's next? 

We have a number of new tool solutions moving through quality assurance in the pipeline, including enhanced conversion tracking and campaign performance insights, user-requested updates to the Bing Ads user interface, ad annotations, and many more.  Stay tuned!

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