Bing Ads March Update: Reporting Improvements Help You Do More with Your Campaign Data

Here at Bing Ads, we constantly think about what steps we need to take to help you, our advertisers, be more effective.

To that end, we’re constantly working on updates that improve the search advertising experience for you. Just a few months ago, we told you about a big package of upgrades we released then, and today I’m pleased to share with you another set of tools we released just last week that I think will help make the partnership between you and Bing Ads more seamless.

Search Term Reporting

Our new Search Terms Report is an evolution of the Search Query Report. As you may know, that’s something we’ve dedicated to delivering. The Search Query Report helps advertisers better manage their search traffic by listing search queries that trigger clicks for their campaigns.

Overall, Search Term Reporting gives advertisers the ability to better control traffic with ease, while simultaneously increasing ROI. Now, advertisers may use the list to generate bidded keywords and specify their bids to drive traffic volume and ROI, and generate negative keywords to screen low-value traffic.

Ad Extension Detail Report API

Our Bing Ads Reporting API is introducing a new report, Ad Extension Detail Report, which advertisers can use to get more details on how their ad extensions are performing. Advertisers can now see the breakdown of impressions, clicks, CTR, and other metrics at the individual sitelink level, which has not been exposed in the API until now. They will also have the option to see this breakdown by device type (tablet, smartphone, PC) and device operating system (Windows, iOS, Android).

Expand Share of Voice Time Grains (Impression Share Fields)  

This product updates impression share fields beyond “Day” grains, to expand impression share fields available to users with expanded aggregated data.  This feature helps users get more data quickly.

The Account, Campaign and Ad Group Reports will have Impression share fields available for the following:

  • Day (already available)
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
  • Summary

Expand Search Query Report

We think this update to our existing report will mean big ROI for advertisers across the board. The expanded query allows the report to include search queries with zero clicks. That will help advertisers identify the negative keyword candidates hidden in the past. And, it will evaluate search queries with higher precision, because it will correct the impression count that has been understated for some search queries.  Additionally, it will correct the CTR that has been overstated for some search queries.

Reporting Clarity Enhancements

New enhancements will bring clarity to reports and data fields so that advertisers can utilize data more effectively to achieve higher ROI. Some highlights that are available in the UI (not API):

•    Provide the inline ‘Help’ popup for reporting fields that may cause confusion
•    Provide glossary on report fields
•    Update descriptions on commonly used reports and reports that may cause confusion
•    Remove long deprecated fields from UI
•    Report and field renaming with better clarity, including Call Details report
•    Provide common dimensions and metrics across all performance reports, so advertisers can do more detailed analysis of ad investments

With spring coming, we think our updates will give you a fresh new way to reach customers, and grow your campaigns through more clicks and greater efficiency.

Better details, more usability, increased insight into your ad campaigns.

Let’s go.

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