New in Bing Ads: Geographical Location Report Shows Which Targeting Method Served Your Ad

We’re happy to announce that there is a new Geographical Location report available to you in the Bing Ads Report suite and API. 

In response to your feedback, we’ve redesigned how location information is displayed in the report to show you exactly which targeting method was used to serve your ad.  We’ve also gone under the hood to enable this report to incorporate new targeting features when they become available.

Here’s where you can see the new “Geo location (New version)” report:

Note: The existing report has been renamed to “Geo location (Old version)”.

What’s New?

Previously, the Geographical Location report did not clarify which type of location – Physical or Search – was served with ads.


In this month’s release, our Reporting Engineers aimed to solve that by adding the column “Location type” that clearly identifies which location type – “Physical location” or “Location of interest” – was used to serve each of your ads.

Through another new column, “Most specific location”, you can also now easily see the most specific location that was used for targeting, giving you a more detailed view of where your ads are being displayed.


Example of Using This Report to Improve Your Campaign

Do you know which targeting type you selected in the settings, and whether that was the best choice for getting your ads seen?  Use the new Geo Location Report to check. 

Let’s say you sell your products only in Seattle, and you’re using the default targeting option for your campaign (“Show ads to people in, searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location”). You open the new Geo Location report, and you see that 100 ad clicks have a “Physical location” location type and 80 ad clicks have a “Location of interest” location type.

Based on this data, you conclude that a significant amount of people are searching for your business outside of Seattle, and follow up by expanding your targeting to more areas like Portland to reach out to potentially more interested people.

Thank you for providing the feedback that helped inform this update, and please do let us know what other features or functionality would be helpful for your campaign management experience in Bing Ads.

Thank you,

Fady Khoury

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

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