Discontinuing Bing Ads Express

Bing Ads Express Beta was launched in Oct 2013 with the goal of removing the complexity associated with search engine marketing and providing businesses a quick and efficient way to automate the setup and management of search ads.

Since launch, we’ve learned a lot about the challenges faced by businesses when promoting their business online. For many of our Bing Ads Express customers, offering simplified, automated options removes a granular level of control, sometimes needed in reaching their marketing goals. As such, we will be making some important changes in July.

On July 30th, we will sunset the Bing Ads Express product, and will offer search marketing opportunities to our customers only through Bing Ads. Until this time, any current or past Bing Ads Express customer will be able to access their account information. After July 30th, customers will no longer be able to access their account information.

Customers can continue promoting their business across Bing, Yahoo and partner sites by signing in at Bing Ads with their existing username and password. Once logged in, customers will need to create a new account and go through the campaign creation process. To help with any questions or sign up process, customers can reach out to Bing Ads Support Team. For customers that choose to setup a new account on Bing Ads before July 30th, they should pause their Bing Ads Express ads to avoid running duplicate ads and being double billed.

We know customers, both big and small, value the ability to control their marketing efforts and by providing the full range of options with Bing Ads, customers will be able to create detailed, targeted campaigns that promote their business on Bing, Yahoo and partner sites.

We’re thankful for the customers who have participated in Bing Ads Express, and who enable us to better understand their business needs.  At Bing Ads, we’re committed to providing customers a simple and easy way to promote their business online.  We believe the campaign management tools and reporting in Bing Ads will provide customers the controls and transparency needed to easily reach the right audience.


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