New in Bing Ads: Bid Landscape is Now Available at the Ad Group Level

We’re pleased to announce that the Bid Landscape tool released earlier this year is now applicable at the keyword and ad group level for US Advertisers.  The keyword level bid landscape has also been expanded to our non-US advertisers with ad group level to follow soon.

What is the Keyword Level Bid Landscape?

Bid Landscape at the Keyword level helps you, our advertisers, fine-tune your keyword bids by revealing the estimated cost, clicks, impressions and top impressions for a single keyword at various bid price points. You can view estimated data for multiple bid price points simultaneously.

After we launched this feature in April, we saw lots of advertisers using it with a high liklihood to adopt the suggested bids. As of this month, this feature is now open to other non-US market advertisers.

What’s the New Ad Group level Bid Landscape?

Bid Landscape at the Ad Group level gives you the same contextual insight and bidding power, but at the ad group level. You can find the new Bid Landscape for Ad Groups by locating the chart icon right below the ad group current bid value, all within the Ad Group Tab.  This should be familiar to those who have been using Bid Landscape at the Keyword level.


Why Use Ad Group level Bid Landscape?

One of the more straightforward methods of improving your competitive position is to increase ad group default bids. However, raising those bids on all the keywords in the ad group can be challenge.  Using the Ad Group level Bid Landscape feature, you can do this quickly and confidently, to increase impression and click share.

Also, the ad group level estimations will take into consideration the competitiveness among the keywords within the group, thus the estimation will be more accurate.

How Do I Use Ad Group Level Bid Landscape?

Unlike Keyword level bid landscape, Ad group level Bids landscape can be used in two ways:

1. Default mode

If you are wondering what default bid to set and what that means in terms of traffic, cost, etc., and you don’t want to change your keywords that have custom bids, you can use this mode. It will help you fine-tune your ad group default bid without changing custom keywords’ bids.


2. Uniform mode

If you are tired of managing the ad group and also fine tuning for specific keywords bid, this is exactly what you need. It will tell you if there is a single bid that can achieve similar or better performance. It is called uniform mode (select on the 2nd radio button).


This will help you find an ad group level bid that achieves the same amount of traffic with your current mixed bid setting. You can decide to adopt that bid or other bids on the curve, thus you are now managing at ad group level.

Examples of Using Bid Landscape to Improve Ad Group Bids

How exactly could you leverage Bid Landscape to improve your campaign’s performance?  Here are a couple of examples:

1. Fine tune your top performing ad group

Suppose you have a top performing ad group and wonder if it could perform even better. This is a perfect opportunity to check its bid landscape curve.  How? 

  1. Go to your ad group page, check the bid landscape for the top performing ad groups
  2. If the default mode has available data, you will see that upon opening. It tells you how these keywords would have performed in the past 7 days if giving a different bid. You can find the bid level that you think is appropriate.
  3. Alternatively, you can check on the uniform mode, which shows another perspective that you can use a single bid for this whole group thus you don’t have to spend times at the keyword level.

2. Shake up your sleeping ad groups

Suppose you are wondering if you can adjust any of your non-performing ad groups default bid thus to gain some traffic. Another perfect opportunity to use bid landscape.  How?

  1. Go to your ad group page, check all the ad groups, say, with impressions < 10 in the last 7 days.
  2. If you see any of them has ad group bid landscape icon available, these are the candidates to check. As the available landscape indicates there is other bid points that can give you more traffic than current setting
  3. Judge based on your goal and setting, select the most appropriate bid.


Keep in mind that...

  • The estimation data is based on the last 7 days, which does not guarantee future performance.
  • Bid landscape at Ad group level is initially available for US market only. We will expand to support other markets in the near future.
  • Not all the ad groups will have bid landscape (depending on the traffic, bid setting, etc). Especially for default mode, if there are only very few keywords using ad group default bid, the default mode may not be available. In this case, the uniform mode may still be available.
  • For uniform mode, currently we only support updating the bids for ad groups with less than 1000 keywords.


NOTE: The information contained in this blog post is intended for agencies and advertisers that are self-managed or supported by Microsoft.  If you are an agency or advertiser managed by Yahoo, the details therein may not be applicable, and you are encouraged to contact your Account Representative for more information.

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