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The wife of our next ‘Ask an Expert’ host recently tweeted ‘I married someone who loves to watch #Excel videos on a Friday night for fun’. We do sympathize. This obsessive interest in Excel spells well however for those that want to know about optimization strategy and Excel but prefer to spend their Friday nights in a somewhat more lighthearted manner.


Get your optimization strategy and Excel advice straight from our expert

From Monday July 14 to Friday July 18 Excel lover, Bing Ads evangelist and industry blogger John Gagnon will be in our LinkedIn group to share tips but more importantly to answer questions you may have. We say: a great chance to get some bespoke time saving tips to make your already busy professional day run a bit more efficiently.


Our next Ask an Expert host: John Gagnon

About this month’s expert:

John Gagnon has been working at Bing Ads before it was called Bing Ads and sees it as part of his job to know the depths of features and relay that information in such way you can use it to increase the ROI of your PPC campaigns. In the past John also worked for Google AdWords so he understand both tool sets well. To get a flavour of the kind of knowledge he can help you with have a look at his posts on Search Engine Watch and ClicKZ.

In John’s words ‘Experts stay experts by learning every day’ so even if you consider yourself a fairly savvy expert on optimisation techniques ad Excel join in to see if there’s anything new to be learned.

How does an Ask an Expert work?

The concept is simple: the discussion starts on Monday the 14th in our LinkedIn group from which you can leave questions and comments in the discussion and John will try to answer/advice. Apart from asking questions you can join in to read tips and see what others like to know – sharing of own best practices and tips is also very welcome. If you aren’t part of the group yet why not join now?

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