New in Bing Ads: Inline Bid Suggestions and Keyword Delivery Status Insight

You can now view estimated bid suggestions and how to adjust those bids to meet your performance goals seamlessly in your keywords grid. This update is the result of an extensive investment in the platform architecture to enable high-quality, high-coverage data to surface inline. You can also get additional keyword delivery status insights for effective optimization. Overall, we expect these updates create an easier workflow for efficiently updating bids and optimizing keywords.

1. Inline Bid Suggestions in the Web User Interface (UI)

Inline Bid Suggestions is a feature in the Bing Ads Web UI that estimates how much you would have to bid for your ad to show up on the front page, mainline, and best position.  This is now available to Bing Ads users in all markets.

In your Campaigns page, click the Keywords tab, and then the Columns icon on the right side of the tool bar to customize the insights you want to see in your keywords grid.  Add these three bid estimation columns (Est. first page bid, Est. mainline bid, and Est. best position bid) and click “OK.” 

The estimated bids to reach first page, mainline, and best position for each of your keywords are now conveniently located directly in your keywords grid. You can easily see how to update your bid for your position goal. Also, for example, if you find a “below first page bid” alert under the Delivery column, simply scroll over to see what you should bid for the first page.*

Not only can you see the estimated bid suggestions for a particular keyword right there in your grid, but learn how to best to change the bid by clicking the icon under your Current bid value to instantly view its Bid Landscape as well.

More info: See this article for more detail and how to use Bid Landscape to optimize your campaign.

With the inline bid suggestion and bid landscape functionalities, the Estimation workflow is retired (see below).

2. New Insight into Keyword Delivery Status

Prior to this release, some keywords marked as Eligible under the Delivery status column of your keywords grid may not have shown any impressions or clicks associated.  This could be because these particular keywords don’t elicit enough search volume, or their quality score is too low. 

To help you identify such keywords, we’ve added two new delivery statuses - Low Search Volume, and Low Quality Score – so you can focus accordingly and optimize accordingly.

Our intention here was to provide more specific insight into the delivery status of your keywords, to help you decide the optimization approach right for you.  Now, for example, you can filter out the keywords with a Low Search Volume or Low Quality Score and focus your bid optimization strategy only on those Eligible.

Tip: Finding keywords with a Low Search Volume? Look into its match type.  For example, if it’s Exact Match, you may try changing it to Broad Match or Phrase Match. 

You can find more information on other features that have been released as a direct result of what you, our customers, have been asking for, here on the Bing Ads web site.

If you have any questions or any feedback, please contact

Best Regards,

Tracy Chen, Sr. Program Manager for Bing Ads Platform

Bid and Traffic Estimation Team

* Please note that estimated bids are not always available. This could be due to the fact that keyword is inactive (paused, part of a draft ad group, etc), or is delivering on to a content network.  Sometimes only the first page bid is given; this is because the best position or mainline position may be too competitive for a reasonable bid on that keyword. Remember, the estimation is based on last 7 days and not a guarantee of future performance.


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