New and Improved: Targeting Updates Now Available in Bing Ads

A number of you have asked for enhancements to the targeting capabilities in Bing Ads. We are very excited to announce that we’ve made several improvements in this area.

1.  New/improved map control

We have improved the map control so you can now see the outlines of the locations that you have targeted as well as excluded. You can also add/remove targets from the map control.

2.  New/improved radius targeting

We have added the ability to target at a  more granular level. You can now also specify radius in kilometers if you prefer to do so. Previously, we only allowed predefined increments of 5, 10, 20 etc miles as the radius. The new radius targeting limits are 1 to 500 miles or 1 to 800 km in increments of 1 mi/km.

3.  Location and radius targets in the same campaign/ad group

You can now add both location as well as radius targets in the same campaign or ad group.

These enhancements are available in the latest version of Bing Ads Editor as well as V9 API. You can get the latest version of BAE from the Bing Ads Editor download site and you can refer to the LocationTarget2 object of V9 API.

We hope that you will find these enhancements very useful. We also have a number of other enhancements that we will be releasing soon. Stay tuned!

You can find more information on other features that have been released as a direct result of what you, our customers, have been asking for, here on the Bing Ads web site.

Comments? Questions? Feel free to leave them below or ping us on Twitter.

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