Microsoft is “all-in” with search advertising

For an inside look at the people and ideas behind Microsoft Search Advertising, we give you the Microsoft Search Advertising All-In Video.

In this video, Microsoft Search Advertising Corporate Vice President, Rik van der Kooi, talks to Danielle McMeekin, Regional VP of Sales, about what excites him about Bing Ads and how Microsoft is committed to growing Bing to meet the needs of current and future Bing Ads clients.

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If you're pressed for time, or if you're only interested in specific topics, we divided the full-length interview into six “bite-sized” episodes, each lasting no more than 2.5 minutes. You'll find links to each one below the full-length video.



Microsoft Search Advertising “All-In” video episodes

Episode 1: Empowering Customers (01:20)

Episode 2: Bing’s Value to Advertisers (01:35)

Episode 3: Growing Scale for Advertisers (01:43)

Episode 4: Audience Matters (01:15)

Episode 5: It’s a Mobile World (02:30)

Episode 6: We’re all in! (01:16)

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Ready, set, budget: Cyber Monday is coming soon

Last year, Cyber Monday was the highest volume holiday search day on our network1 – exceeding $2 Billion in sales for the first time – the greatest online sales day in history!2 It’s a busy week indeed; half of the top search days fell during Thanksgiving week.1

As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, remember that Cyber Monday falls on the last day of the month – we don’t want you to miss out on significant traffic if your budget may be at risk of running out. Remember to allocate sufficient budget to accommodate the search volume surge before, on, and after Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Total holiday online spend grew 4% in 20143, and E-commerce is expected to grow 14% this season and account for 10% of all sales.4 Cyber Monday sales peak later in the evening,1 so ensure your budget won’t force you to go dark before the end of the day by setting up Automated Rules.

Be sure to check out hour by hour search trends by device – we can tell exactly which hours see peak volume on which device for the top 3 shopping days based on 2014’s data.

bing ads cyber monday                                                                                                             

Similar to how you can incrementally increase your bid based on days or markets, you can incrementally increase your budget by device! Use these bid modifiers and double down on mobile or key hours – which are late afternoon/early evening.

Even though Cyber Monday is the top spending day, 90% of top online sales still take place in December.5 Be mindful of what’s approaching quickly as you set your December budgets. Don’t lose out on sales and plan ahead with our Holiday Shopping Calendar. Hanukkah, Green Monday, and Christmas Eve (just to name a few) are right around the corner!

Don’t lose out on sales and traffic! Plan your budgets ahead and be sure to check out all of the Holiday Insights below:


Thanks for reading and have a great holiday shopping season!


1.       Microsoft Internal Data, PC + Tablet, November-December 2014.

2.       “Cyber Monday Exceeds $2 Billion in Desktop Sales for First Time Ever to Rank as Heaviest U.S. Online Spending Day in History,” comScore press release, December 2014

3.       National Retail Federation, Retail Holiday Sales Increase 4 Percent, January 2015

4.       eMarketer Webinar: Lessons Learned from Holiday Shopping 2014 – What to know for 2015

5.       Top 10 Desktop Spending Days in 2014 Holiday Season, comScore, Inc.

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Campaign planning with the Bing Ads 2015 holiday calendar

Zen may be the last word you associate with holiday shopping ad strategy, but if there’s any way to be chill this season, it’s by planning ahead.  

Without a doubt, the big winners of the 2014 holiday season were those who planned, coordinated their plans across media and then planned some more.

To help you master the art of digital holiday marketing, Bing Ads has created the 2015 interactive calendar so you can:

  • Know the critical shopping dates you need to plan around.
  • See spending trends – many exclusive to Bing Ads user data.
  • Coordinate your ad strategy down to critical times of day.
  • Watch a second-by-second ticker of last year’s searches and revenue rush by – just in case you didn’t have enough motivation already!


Last year, Black Friday was the top online shopping day in U.S. history with Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday still showing significant year-over-year growth.[1] Here's a quick glimpse at the types of insights you'll find on the calendar -- be sure to visit the web version to get the full interactive infographic experience at

bing ads holiday calendar

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our SlideShare presentation on holiday insights to help you plan out your own campaign calendar:


For more on how you can leverage seasonal insights to optimize your campaigns, check out the Bing Ads Holiday Hub, the Bing Ads Industry Insights Portal, and following the #BingAdsHoliday hashtag.

[1] comScore, Inc.  2014

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Pet insurance agency finds Bing Ads to be top dog

We love our pets. They’re family members, companions and best friends. If they ever get hurt or sick, we vow to do whatever it takes to help them get better. That is until the first bill trickles in, followed by another and another. Thousands of dollars later, with your bank account resembling a ghost town, a sinking feeling starts to build in the pit of your stomach. A decision looms ahead: broken heart or empty wallet?

Nick Braun thinks that’s a choice no pet owner should ever have to make. That’s why his company,, grew to become a leading independent licensed pet insurance agency in the United States, brokering policies to help pet owners focus on quality-of-life care.

Choosing Bing Ads delivers strong ROI

To jump-start business, Braun figured there were two paths to follow; one was free organic searches, the second option was to use paid search ad channels. This was an entirely new realm for him. As the owner of a small business with a limited marketing budget, Braun didn’t have the money to waste investing in ineffective channels. He decided the best way to get the biggest return was to do a trial run with multiple companies and then invest in the one that performed best.

Diving in head first, he did buys with Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and general ad networks. Within weeks, he had settled on paid search with Bing Ads.

bing ads pet insurance quotes

“The cost per acquisition was much lower with Bing than the other channels,” said Braun. “I'm a financial person, so it's all about the return and getting the best use of my money and time.”

Read the full story to find out how this agency used Bing Ads to improve its ROI.

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