Tutorial: Getting started with Bing Ads

Back in the day, one of the most popular places for businesses to advertise their products and services in was the phone book. When your potential customers pulled out that big white and yellow book to find the number of the local pizza delivery place, if you owned a restaurant that could be one of those places for them, you needed to make sure you had an ad in there so you'd stand out from the competition.

That was then... this is now.

The way we look for information on local businesses has shifted from in print to online, but the need for you to show up where your customers are with an eye-catching ad in the hopes that they'll choose you over the competition remains the same. Just as businesses in the past would allocate some budget to advertising in the phone book, but would also seek out other publications where their ads could reach new customers, so should today's business owners consider expanding their online exposure to new avenues that can deliver a solid return on investment.

Whether you're brand new to online advertising or a seasoned veteran who's been laser focused on Google Adwords, you should consider giving Bing Ads a try. Many of our current advertisers are quite happy to find that they're seeing lower costs-per-click due to the competition being not quite as fierce here as it is on other platforms. 

Whether you're already well versed in PPC advertising or brand new to it and could use some help with getting your first campaign set up, be sure to check out this helpful tutorial to help guide you through all the steps to get started.

bing ads tutorial

Questions? Comments? Feel free to stop by the Bing Ads Support Forums, or you can always ping us on Twitter.

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Free Bing Ads training and professional accreditation

Have you ever started a new job and showed up eager to learn on your first day of training, only to realize that the person responsible for getting you up to speed consistently explained things at a level that was way beyond where you were then and there, as a brand new employee? Maybe you've been that tenured employee who had to provide the training and had a really difficult time getting a sense of how much knowledge and experience the new hire had so that you'd know where to start? 

This is a fairly common scenario, best summarized by "the curse of knowledge," from Wikipedia:

bing ads training accreditation

When it comes to learning the ins and outs of PPC campaign management, it would be a virtual "curse of knowledge" minefield for a seasoned veteran to show a rookie the ropes. From the basics of campaign components and structure to more advanced concepts relating to reporting and optimization, the more thorough the training, the better prepared any aspiring PPC marketer will be.

Not surprisingly, here at Bing Ads, we want you to be successful with driving a great return on investment with your campaigns. Whether you're a small business owner who's just dedicating a few hours each week to running a single PPC campaign targeting local patrons, or if you're an agency rep who's got a book of business worth millions of dollars, the better educated you are on how to set up, manage and optimize campaigns, the happier you and/or your clients will be.

For free training Bing Ads training and accreditation (the latter more relevant for advertising professionals), be sure to visit the Bing Ads Training Courses page. These online courses are designed to let you choose the topics you want to learn about and progress at your own pace; you can leave off and pick back up at your leisure:

bing ads training accreditation

While these courses can be used by anyone to get up to speed on Bing Ads, our accreditation program should be of particular interest to advertising industry professionals. Visit our Training Overview page to learn more about becoming certified as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional and the benefits of becoming a member of our Find a Pro Directory.

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Video series: Get results with Bing Ads

If you're new to online advertising, you probably have some questions about whether or not pay-per-click ads are right for your business. Whether you're advertising to a global audience or to your local community, there are some universal tips that can help set you up for success.

Those tips and best practices can now all be found in the Get Results with Bing Ads videos. This series covers some of the basics to help you understand the first steps in planning a successful campaign, reaching your target audience, writing ads that result in sales, controlling costs and more:


For more videos on running successful online marketing campaigns, be sure to check out the Bing Ads YouTube channel.


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Safeguarding your Bing Ads login credentials from getting phished

Recently, there has been an increased incidence of phishing targeting Bing Ads using Google search. The top sponsored result on the Google search results page for queries such as {Bing ads}, {Bing ads login}, {Bing ads sign in} directs unsuspecting users to a look-alike Bing Ads login landing page. Such attacks can compromise the Bing Ads login credentials of advertisers.

We ask that advertisers be extra vigilant and not enter their login credentials on phishing sites. 

 bing ads phishing

How to Report a Phishing URL

In order to protect you from dangerous websites, Microsoft maintains a list of websites that puts you at risk through phishing, malware, etc. You can report such websites in Internet Explorer and Google using the below steps. In turn, Microsoft analyzes such websites and warns you if a site seems dangerous.

Internet Explorer

bing ads phishing


You can report a phishing website here, which in turn will take you to the page shown below.  Verify that you are not a robot and click “submit report.”

bing ads phishing


Steps for Staying Safe

Safeguarding your credentials is easy, provided you’re vigilant about doing so.  Here are three simple steps to protect yourself from phishing.

bing ads phishing

Connect With Us

As always, we are doing everything possible on this end to optimize the experience of our Advertisers, and invite your feedback, comments or concerns.  You can reach us on Twitter, discuss issues in the Support Forums with your peers and our support staff, or visit our Support page for more options in immediate support.

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