Inside view on Bing Ads Connect: What came first? Sales or Trusted partnership?

The Bing Ads team travelled to Philadelphia two weeks ago to meet and connect with local search advertising experts. We gathered the group together to collaborate, learn, gain insights into the technology available today and to think about the future of search. Our team got a chance to share how Microsoft thinks about search, the latest and greatest on the Bing Ads platform and to listen to feedback from our customers. Together we know we can help define the success of the industry.


As part of the day’s activities, three leading search specialists took to the stage in a panel discussion on ‘Audience engagement and re-engagement,’ where they discussed the importance of caring about the customer, remarketing, understanding intent and targeting.


Hero Conference Philadelphia


Wil Reynolds, Founder and Director of Digital Strategy at SEER spoke at the event, shared his experience on what he views as key to building client relationships – “out caring the competition” - to care more about the well-being of clients, beyond the growth of his own business. “Out caring the competition means to truly put doing great work above getting the next deal or making growth happen. SEER has grown with little to no sales effort, which I attribute to the fact that our clients have become our sales force. They are out there telling their friends and colleagues what we have done.”


Caring for your customers, understanding their goals and addressing their priorities is key to re-engaging your audience. “Sometimes you are working on a million-dollar problem, wondering why you are not getting calls back. Maybe it’s because your client is addressing a 10-million-dollar problem.” Wil also talked a lot about trust, the basis for every long lasting relationship. When you start off on a foundation built upon trust, there’s no limit to how successful you can be. “But trust is also like a piece of paper, it’s fragile and once you crumple it up, it’s never perfectly smooth again.”


In the same vein, trust is critical in the personalized advertising offers shown to consumers online.  “We look to provide the right message at the right time without being too overt or upsetting the customer.” Says Blake Harrison, Senior Director, Digital Marketing at NutriSystem. Search has always been a critical piece of NutriSystem’s marketing strategy and provides insight that enables the offering of customized messaging for an individual’s unique position in their online journey. Harrison values the Bing Ads approach and says ‘While at a smaller scale, Bing offers higher quality traffic and users.”


Aaron Levy, Manager of Client Strategy at Elite SEM shares his view on how Bing has continued to be a driving resource for his clients. “As a manager, the Bing Ads team provides frequent and valuable coaching to help my team grow, while helping Elite grow our engagements with our valued clients.” Aaron identifies that staying one step ahead of consumer trends can be an integral part of their success saying, “Our customers are most interested in getting ahead of consumer trends. The Bing Ads team helps us get ahead by looking at trends they can see emerging in the wealth of data available. They are also following trends on voice search that has allowed us to better tailor our copy and query trends to prepare for changing customer demands.”


We welcome these open conversations around trust and partnering for success as it lies at the foundation of how we operate. As the Bing Network grows, now powering nearly one third of all US searches, we want to get real time input from our partners and leaders in the industry. We are investing in growing our list of syndication partners, providing search on different operating platforms and devices. It’s these new partnerships and the relationships we’re building with agencies and customers that will collectively help shape a new approach to the paid search industry.


The Bing Ads Connect series, across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, is a perfect example of this approach.  These forums allow us to have genuine conversations with our customers and provide us with an opportunity to help customers and partners learn more about the growing opportunities on Bing. They’re also a brilliant way to gain more one-on-one access to the Bing team and contribute to the evolution of our industry. We are all about empowering our customers and partners to be successful, because our clients’ success is our success.

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Troubleshoot Your UET Tags With the UET Tag Helper

With Universal Event Tracking (UET) Bing Ads lets you track conversion goals and create remarketing lists using a UET tag you add to your webpages’ code. When set up correctly, UET tags are a powerful tool for helping you to reach your ROI goals.  However, it can be tricky to set them up which is why we’re introducing the UET Tag Helper.

UET Tag Helper is a Chrome browser extension that automatically validates Bing Ads UET tags on any webpage. The Tag Helper:

  • Validates UET tags in real-time
  • Let’s you know whether you implemented the UET tag correctly
  • Helps troubleshoot any common errors with the UET tag

You can install the UET Tag Helper from the Chrome web store here by clicking “Add to Chrome” and then “Add extension”.  Check out the following video for a visual, step-by-step overview on how to use the UET Tag Helper to troubleshoot your tags, and validate that they are set up correctly.

Alternatively, we invite you to visit this step-by-step guide and FAQ on UET Tag Helper here, and review working examples of UET Tag implementations on our UET examples website.

Want to review it all from start to finish?  Learn how UET can help you Track Sales and Conversions, and how to use remarketing to Reach your Audience.

And with that, add UET Tag Helper to Chrome today and check out your UET tags!

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to ping us on Twitter, visit us to ask questions at the Bing Ads Answers forum, submit and vote on your top-priority features at the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion forum, or send us your feedback directly at



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Preview: Compare Your Data Between 2 Time Periods in Bing Ads (US Only)

Viewing how your performance changed from one time period to the next in the Campaigns workspace can be crucial to identifying where you need to focus your optimization efforts. Navigating to the Reports workspace and manually creating these comparison views in Excel can be a hassle. 

Comparing how your performance changed between select time periods without having to leave your Campaigns page is now available as a preview within Bing Ads for advertisers in the US. If you’d like to have access to it, please scroll to the bottom of this post on how to opt-in. Note that while this feature is in preview, we’ll be collecting data and feedback to evaluate functionality prior to making it available in all Bing Ads markets. Updates may be made to the feature while it’s still in preview phase.

How It Works

To use the feature, start by opening the date range selector in either the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords, or Ad Extensions grids. 

Period over period

Turn “Compare” from off to on by clicking on the toggle, and selecting a time period for comparison.

Period over period 

Select a time period for comparison out of the three options, and select Apply.

  • Previous period: If the current time range selected is this month (e.g. 3/1-3/31), then the previous period would be last month (e.g. 2/1-2/29).
  • Same period last year: If the current time range selected is this month (e.g. 3/1/16 – 3/31/16), then same period last year would be this month last year (e.g. 3/1/15 – 3/31/15).
  • Custom: Any length of time within 3 years before today can be selected as a comparison period.


After Apply has been clicked, every performance metric column can be expanded by clicking the ‘+’ icon.

period over period

You will see four sub-columns under every performance metric to use for deeper analysis:

  1. Performance from your current period
  2. Performance from your comparison period
  3. Change (Current Performance - Comparison Performance)
  4. Change % ((Current – Comparison)/Comparison * 100%)


period over period

You’ll also be able to see this sub-column data for any segments you’ve applied to your grid, and you will be able to see these new columns in your downloaded file as well.

You can also filter on the sub-columns – for example, you might choose to filter out campaigns that saw a 10% decrease in impressions and adjust your keywords in those campaigns. 

period over period filtering

Sign Up To Be a Pilot Participant

Comparing your data between two time periods will allow you to focus your efforts on the campaigns that matter most. We invite you to participate in the pilot by emailing or by contacting your Account Manager.

Questions? Comments?

As always, feel free to ping us on Twitter. You can also submit your ideas for how to improve Bing Ads on our Feature Suggestion Forum.



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Bing Ads Editor 11.0: Multi-account management support, visual redesign, and more

We are extremely excited to announce the release of Bing Ads Editor (BAE) 11.0 – built from ground up to make it more efficient for you to manage your campaigns. When building BAE 11.0, we focused on answering two questions. First, how can we enable you to do more in less time? Second, how can we improve the user interface to make it easier for you to use Bing Ads Editor? Support for managing multiple accounts addresses the first question, and a host of usability updates packaged into a visual redesign addresses the second. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Support for managing multiple accounts

Have multiple large accounts to download? Need to import multiple accounts? Must make those urgent bulk edits within the next hour? No problem! With multi-account support, you can do these all at the same time.

Start with opening the Account Manager window and add as many accounts as you want.

Bing Ads Editor 11

In the previous version, you could download only one account at a time, but not do anything else until the download completed. With BAE 11.0, there is no more waiting! While the downloads of accounts are in progress you can open any number of previously downloaded accounts and work on them, too. For example, say you have five accounts currently being downloaded.  During that time, you can open a previously downloaded account and do an Import.  While that import is in progress, you can open yet another account and do bulk edits.  Multi-tasking is easy in the new Editor.

Bing Ads Editor 11

Copy/Paste across accounts

With support for multiple account management comes the ability to copy and paste across accounts. You can copy keywords, ads, even whole campaigns from one account to another with just a few clicks.

Bing Ads Editor 11

Visual Redesign

We have completely redesigned Bing Ads Editor’s interface for a fresh and more user-friendly experience, with key improvements such as:

Improved navigation with type list

The new type list on the left panel better organizes different items (Campaigns, Ad groups, Keywords, Sitelink extensions, etc.) than the tabs in the previous version of BAE. This enables you to navigate to the items that you want to work on faster than before. Additionally, the count of different types of items are now always shown on the type list itself – no need to go to individual tabs anymore to find them.

Bing Ads Editor 11 

Sorted tree view in the left panel

In order to help you get to your Active campaigns faster, the tree view in BAE 11.0 now sorts your Campaigns/Ad groups intuitively by automatically surfacing those Active at the top of the list, followed by Paused, and Deleted at the bottom.

Bing Ads Editor 11

Improved advanced search interface

We heard your feedback that when displaying results after an advanced search, there aren’t any visual cues to indicate that all data may not be showing, except for the change in the View name. To address this, BAE 11.0 shows the search criteria you have entered for advanced search right below the search bar. Furthermore, the type list now clearly shows the number of matching results out of total counts. 


Bing Ads Editor 11_old1


Bing Ads Editor_New1

We have also cleaned up the advanced search window to make it more intuitive to use, while maintaining all its functionality.


Bing Ads Editor_Old2


Bing Ads Editor_New2

Note: Filtering based on performance statistics is now placed along with other search criteria.

Advanced options

In the previous version of BAE, advanced options for different items (e.g.  Additional targeting, Exclude website, etc. for Ad groups; Advanced Bid Changes, Advanced URL changes, Replace text, etc. for Keywords) were located at the very bottom of the Editor pane as blue links. These options are now put under Advanced options right above the manager pane for convenient, centralized access.


Bing Ads Editor_Old3


Bing Ads Editor_New3

Simplified login

Have you ever wondered whether to sign in to Editor with your Microsoft account or Bing Ads username? You can now simply enter your username and BAE will automatically determine the type of credentials you entered and prompt you to enter your password - one less thing to think about before diving into your campaigns.


Bing Ads Editor_Old4


Bing Ads Editor_New4

What our pilot customers are saying?

We tested BAE 11.0 with a group of advertisers before releasing it to market.  Below is some feedback we received from our pilot customers:

  • My first impression was very good. Fast downloads/uploads, very short waiting while working directly in BAE, nice Design

Kevin Lippmann, Hotel DE

  • I just downloaded four accounts, three of them HUGE and it took less than five minutes for all

Nikki Kuhlman, Jumpfly

  • Was playing with the editor today and I love the new UI and user experience!

Kevin Holze, Reprise Media

  • I love the overall product! It is leaps and bounds better than v10

Jin Cen, Bing Ads Account Manager

We hope that you have a similarly positive experience with this version, but do let us know!  You can reach us directly at

Install Bing Ads Editor 11.0 Now

You can install BAE 11.0 from here. 

Please note that the older version of BAE* will not be uninstalled after installing BAE 11.0. Please make sure you use  bae11 instead of the previous BAE old logo.

You can continue to use older versions of BAE for a few more months; however, any new functionality and updates will be added only to BAE 11.0. 

*Bing Ads Editor has come a long way.  Interested in learning more?  See Welcome to Bing Ads Editor for a short introduction to this powerful desktop tool.



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