Bing Ads for iOS & Android campaign monitoring updates

In a sea of campaigns, it can be tedious to get the information you need at a moment's notice. With the holiday season full swing, we understand how important it is for you to keep tabs on how your top campaigns are performing.

That's why we’ve introduced two new features in our mobile apps to make it easier to stay on top of your campaigns while on the go: favorites and push notifications for Automated Rules.

Favorites, the best way to monitor important campaigns

Favorites are meant to be a super quick, simple and easy way for you to monitor what you care about the most. Want to quickly reference your top holiday campaigns? Star them using Favorites. How about that top performing keyword that you are obsessed about? Star it using Favorites.

bing ads apps

The best part is that the next time you use the app, the new Favorites tab lists everything in one centralized place so you don't have to go spend time fishing for those for campaigns.

bing ads apps

Get notified about automated rules to keep you in the loop

Automated Rules is a powerful feature that our advertisers use to schedule and automate their top campaign management tasks. In addition, you can now leverage Notify Me rules as a way to receive notifications for campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords that match certain criteria that you define.

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Based on your existing automated rule email settings, you will now receive a push notification on your device. You can be notified when:

  • Every time a rule runs
  • Only if there are changes or errors
  • Only if there are errors


bing ads apps

Now is a great time to turn on your push notifications for our mobile app so you can be immediately alerted on changes for the automated rules you have set up. Visit our FAQ if you need help properly setting up your push notifications.

We encourage you to sign in and setup automated rules today to keep you on top of your campaigns. If you already have a few automated rules setup, we recommend to fine tune them as you are gearing up for the holidays. New to automated rules? Learn more about ways to use automated rules.

The Bing Ads apps are available worldwide for both iOS and Android. Download now from the App Store or Play Store today to start take advantage of these features.

bing ads appsbing ads apps

Questions? Comments?

We love talking to our advertisers about creating mobile experiences that would make efficient search marketers on the go. As always, continue to connect with us on Twitter and the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion forum.

The Bing Ads apps are available worldwide for both iOS and Android. Download now from the App Store or Play Store today to start take advantage of these features.

At Bing Ads, we're listening. Happy Advertising!

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Making the love connection in time for Valentine’s Day

If your brand is in the business of warming the heart, there is one moment of the year that stands out: Valentine’s Day. However, the business of finding and manifesting love is a year ‘round affair; insights on both Valentine’s Day and online dating can be valuable focus areas for savvy marketers.

The desire to invest in love is on the rise – in the US, Valentine’s Day saw a total spend of $18.9 billion in 2015, a 10% increase from 2014.[1] For the fourth largest spending holiday of the year, brands need to be aware of who is spending online, what they are buying and how.

When planning ahead for paid search campaigns for Feb. 14, it’s important to maximize your chances of reaching the full scope of those who will be celebrating. In June, there were 88 million retail searchers active across Bing Ads who represent 36% of all retail paid clicks and 53M of these are not reached on Google[2].

bing ads valentines day

So, what are people searching for in the lead up to Valentine’s Day on Bing Ads?  The majority are looking for the appropriate gift (40%), while 16% are offering flowers, 15% jewelry and 10% want to offer something sweet (see graph below). 

Interestingly, the Bing Ads audience, compared to Google, is 11% more likely to have spent $100-199 on flowers, 23% more likely to have spent $500 or more on jewelry and 8% more likely to have used paid service for gift certificates in the last 6 months.[3] 

It is also good for brand owners to understand when people are going to be looking for the perfect package, bouquet or necklace, as well as where they will be looking. 

Put simply, Valentine’s Day shopping heats up in the first 2 weeks of February, with a particularly burning set of activity on the 13th and 14th itself, and over one-third of searches take place on mobile.  It could well be worth wooing shoppers with longer lead cross-screen campaigns to get ahead of the competition.

bing ads valentines day

Should this timeframe seem a little tight, remember that people are seeking the love connection throughout the year – in fact 10% of US adults use online dating sites.[4] The number of online searches for dating sites on Bing are the highest in March, April and May, with secondary peaks in July, October and December.

bing ads valentines day

Here are additional Bing Ads insights into Online Dating for digital marketers, with key takeaways summarized below:

  • Bing Ads has a unique and sizable audience of retail searchers (36% of retail paid clicks in the US)
  • Bing Ads retail searchers are active online consumers – more likely to have spent a significant amount on the most common Valentine’s gifts in the past 6 months.
  • Love is a personal thing and people are increasingly turning to their most personal of devices to search for purchases related to the heart – over 30% of Valentine’s Day and Online Dating related searches occur on mobile.
  • It's never too late to make the love connection! There are peaks of activity with retail searchers looking for the right gift for those they love throughout the year.


Go to Bing Ads Insights to learn more about CTR over time (week, day and hour), by category, as well as CPC over time and the optimal combinations of terms for ad copy for both Valentine’s Day and Online Dating audiences.

For additional details on insights related to both Valentine’s Day and online dating, take a look at our SlideShare presentations below:


Questions? Comments?
As always, feel free to ping us on Twitter with anything Bing Ads related. For queries specific to our marketing insights, send them to me directly: @ShelbyGagnon.

[1] National Retail Federation Monthly Consumer Survey, January 2015

[2] comScore gSearch (custom), US, June 2015: industry categories based on comScore classifications.

[3] comScore Plan Metrix, US, January 2015

[4] Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Sprinz Tracking Survey, April 17- May 19 2013

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Campaign automation for the control freak

With its robust current share of searches in the US market, most larger Bing Ads accounts are going to be tough to fully optimize manually. Agree?

That’s typically where the sales pitches begin. What third-party tools can magically shorten your account management tasks? Well, I’m not here to sell you anything. It’s come to my attention that too few account managers are using the powerful built-in automation methods in PPC platforms. These features are perfect if you’re looking to perform core functions like bid management, but are also a control freak looking to customize the strategy a bit to inject a certain flavor into the proceedings.

Bid management in Bing Ads

Bid management is indeed a core function. The majority of us simply want to maintain our keywords to hit target KPIs – the most obvious example being an ecommerce CPA or ROAS target based on last-click attribution. If you have 20,000+ keywords in an account, you’re never managing all of this by hand.

But maybe you’re also allergic to expensive software and relationships with too many vendors. You wouldn’t be off-base suspecting that much of what you need is right there in the Bing Ads platform... and it isn’t rocket science to use.

It’s a myth that there is a perfect bid level or that frequent bid changes throughout the day are somehow desirable or coherent. Look, this is marketing and advertising, not the high-frequency trading that made hundreds of millions of dollars for clever exchanges, as featured in Flash Boys.

With regard to the budget allocation function of marketing, what you want is to get it very close to right, and to weed out expensive waste; there’s no chance of perfection. Michael Lewis is not following me around for his next book (though I fantasize about that).

Anyway, here's an example of some “fancy automation” that you can execute directly in the Bing Ads interface in less than five minutes. You pick the parameters. You’re in charge:

Step 1: Pick a large campaign in the account, one you suspect may have neglected areas.

Step 2: We’re about to assess keyword bid levels, so click on the “Keywords” tab.

Step 3: Give it a nice long date range. In this case, I went all the way back to February 1. That way, we’re getting enough volume on lower-volume keywords to make some statistically significant decisions. Picking appropriate date ranges is so important; this is where many marketers get it wrong.

Step 4: Click on “Filters.”

bing ads campaign automation

Step 5: Here’s where you create your own secret sauce! In this case, I want a list of low-converting keywords. I could go with a CPA target, but I have a problem with that: a CPA of $0 shows up when the number should be “infinity.” So, normally I’d go with ROAS, but this client was slow to customize the tracking code to pass revenue, so we don’t have accurate numbers yet. See how the analyst has to think and customize sometimes?

So, I’ve put together a rule to filter keywords for low conversions above a certain amount of potential wasted cash ($20), but below $200 (I always assume high-volume keywords are being addressed directly). Finally, for a fun twist, I’ve decided that my main culprits are likely to be broad match types, and sure enough, the rule builder allows you to target only them. Of course, all violating keywords should be addressed, but assume I have good reason for giving the exact and phrase matches a longer leash.

OK, we’re onto Step 6, the exciting answer to the question of just how many of those pesky keywords get caught up in our filter?

Step 6: The answer is 12 keywords. The campaign as a whole has 7,471 keywords. The nice overall CPA numbers on the campaigns in this account are corroborated by the deep dive here. This account is very well managed! As for the 12, it’s not going to take very long at all to give each of those keywords personalized attention. To me, that means bumping bids down.

To be sure, you can always find more “problem areas” if you get more granular. How many offending keywords would I have found if I dropped the “wasted spend threshold” to $14 from $20? In this case, the keyword list rose to 29 from 12. Also manageable, but it’s likely unwise to over-manage keywords garnering too few clicks to be of statistical significance.

Trends vs. Randomness

Here’s another point to ponder: There is inevitably going to be a “worst performer” on any long list, but – like the myth of the ‘hot hand’ in basketball or the ‘streaky hitter’ in baseball – such trends tend to evaporate from one season to the next. If your account contains batches of similar keywords, then some of them are grabbing conversions while other, similar keywords do not (for the time being) – for no reason other than the sheer laws of probability and randomness. Give accounts some room to breathe.

Certainly, the free in-platform tools have their limitations, but make sure you make the most of them before you strike out for more exotic pastures.

That just covers one example of an episode in core bid management. In the future, I hope to cover other segments in accounts that are every bit as hard to keep up with as all those keywords.

If you missed yesterday's post here on the Bing Ads Blog, #BingAdsStories: Page Zero Media hits its target CPA, be sure to check it out.


About the author

Andrew Goodman is Founder and President of Page Zero Media Inc., an agency uncommonly obsessed with PPC performance. Each December, he teeters on the brink of the next airline status tier, forcing unnecessary trips to tan-inducing locales.

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