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Posted on 05/21/13

All of us here at Bing Ads prioritize the safety of our advertisers, networks and most of all, people who use our products. Microsoft has a longstanding commitment to security and privacy. Bing Ads is built to help ensure that the Yahoo! Bing Network provides quality traffic and a safe experience for our customers.

With the continuous growth of the network, we recognize the importance of providing customers the information needed to understand our traffic quality protection systems. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, we want to provide you with visibility into our security methodology and a basic understanding of how we define, process, and manage our traffic quality along with some important resources to help ensure your success

This is why we are launching the Bing Ads Traffic Quality Resource Center– a website designed to help you, our important customers. Bing Ads Traffic Quality Resource CenterOver time, we will evolve the content of this site with new updates based on user feedback and recommendations, so please use our online feedback tool.

To get started, please watch this video so you know what to expect from the resource center.

Video: About negative keywords for targeted ad delivery

Done with the video? Proceed to the site and make sure you bookmark for future use.

The site provides (five) key sections:

  1. Overview:Basic definitions of the common terminologies
  2. Network Protection: Visibility into ways we protect you from invalid traffic
  3. Ad Placements: Information on the different placement types on the Yahoo! Bing owned and operated sites and syndication network sites
  4. Advertiser Resources: Best practices for monitoring campaigns for quality
  5. Publisher Resources: Publishers can understand additional details about our policies

We hope you find the content on the Bing Ads Traffic Quality Resource Center useful. If you have feedback, we want to hear from you in the comments below. We look forward to making our resource center deliver utility for you.


Bing Ads Network Protection Team

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