Make your campaign stand out for the world soccer championship

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Just like the world’s most talented athletes — you understand the importance of competing hard. You’re vying for consumer mindshare and wallet share every day. The world soccer championship attracts a fully engaged, globally diverse audience and the 2014 tournament in Brazil is expected to contribute to big boosts in global advertising and tourism.


Within Brazil proper, the event is expected to bring in R$142 billion. Much of that already has been spent in the form of infrastructure improvements. But visitors are expected to spend nearly R$6 billion. Winning categories here will include hospitality (R$2.13 billion), restaurants (R$902 million) and purchase (R$832 million). Transportation, cultural activities and communications also will see big spending during the world soccer championship.1


Digital media advertising is expected to grow 20 percent in Brazil in 2014, leading the way in growth amongst all other media types.2 And many may not know this, but Brazil is one of the most active countries with social media. In 2013, the time spent on Facebook grew 208 percent and 77 percent of people reported themselves as having a positive attitude about online shopping, an environment that poises search as an enabler in the consumer path to purchase.3


comScore reports that when compared to Google, the Bing Network audience is more likely to have attended a major sporting event while on vacation in the last 12 months. To learn more about how you can kick your digital efforts into high gear for the world soccer championship and capitalize on this historic event, view our world soccer championship playbook above or download our full PDF.



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