Device Targeting

Device Targeting

Bing Ads knows that advertisers have unique needs in reaching potential customers. For many advertisers this can include reaching consumers on the right type of device. To do this, Bing Ads offers the capability to target campaigns by specific device types, including mobile, tablets and PCs. Device targeting allows you to get the right message on the right device to deliver increased performance against your
campaign goals.


Whether you choose to advertise across multiple screens or find that your ads are most effective on certain devices, we provide you with the tools to make it happen. And once you’ve implemented device targeting, Bing Ads can help you optimize for the best results:



When advertisers invest in developing and optimizing device-specific campaigns they see real improvements in campaign performance. See the importance of device-level targeting control across verticals in the charts below.


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Device Targeting - TravelIn the travel industry, the benefits of device-specific targeting is particularly strong. For example, mobile-targeted ads enjoyed a significant 495% higher CTR, when compared to ads delivered across PCs, tablets, and mobile combined. Device targeting with Bing Ads can help advertisers in the travel sector reach their most relevant audience at the right place and the right time.

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