Dynamic text: Customize your ads based on searches

Dynamic text lets you dynamically update your search ad text with destination URLs, customized text, and even keywords that match what your potential customers search queries and other input.

Dynamic text lets you update your ad text "on-the-fly" with destination URLs, customized text, and keywords that match your potential customers search queries and other input. Ads with dynamic text are more likely to appeal to potential customers. They show keywords people are actually searching for and landing pages with content aimed specifically at them. Using dynamic text can help improve your ads' click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate, quality score, and ad placement on the page.

You can also use dynamic text to update multiple ads at once. For more information on how to do this, see Dynamic text: Use text placeholders.

Types of dynamic text

Bing Ads provides you with three different ways to add dynamic text to your ads:

Type Description More information
Keyword Use the {KeyWord} placeholder to make your ad title, ad text, display URL, and destination URL display keywords that match, or closely match, the text that a customer types. Dynamic text: Use the KeyWord placeholder.
Text placeholder Use the {param1}, {param2}, and {param3} placeholders to Dynamic text: Use text placeholders
Destination URL
  • Send users to different landing pages by inserting keyword or text placeholders into destination URLs, or by using the destination URL itself as a variable.
  • Use other other variables such as query string parameters in destination URLs to gather information about visitors to your website.
  • Dynamic text also applies to content ads. Bing Ads scans the content of a website, identifies its keywords, and generates the equivalent of a search query based on those keywords. Just like a search ad, you can then dynamically insert keywords into your content ads to make them more relevant to the site they are being shown on.
  • Content ads are available in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Taiwan, and Venezuela.
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