Learn about the broad match modifier, how to use it with the broad match type, and how it will impact the eligibility of ads to serve.
Broad match modifier is only available for campaigns that have a language setting of English, French or Traditional Chinese. You can configure the language option on the Settings page of your campaign.

Using the broad match type for a keyword makes your ad eligible to be displayed when a search query or other input includes either the individual words in your keyword in any order, or words related to your keyword. The broad match modifier gives you the ability to fine-tune or restrict how liberally Bing Ads matches related broad match terms. For more information on broad match and other match types, see What are keyword match types, and how do I use them?.

For example, let's say you create the broad match keyword Hawaii Hotels. A query for Hawaii Rentals might also trigger your ads, since "rentals" is related to hotels. But you own a hotel and don't want traffic from searchers looking for rental properties. Your solution? Simply add the "+" broad match modifier to your keyword to make it Hawaii +Hotels. This tells Bing Ads that the word Hotels (or close variants) must be in the query in order for your ads to be eligible to be served. Rentals is not considered a close variant of Hotels.

Let's take a look at some other examples:

QueryWill ad be eligible to be served?
Broad Match Keyword:

Hawaii Hotels

Broad Match Modifier Keyword:

Hawaii +Hotels

Hawaii Hotelsimage alt textimage alt text
Hawaii Rentalsimage alt textimage alt text
Maui Hotelsimage alt textimage alt text
Maui Rentalsimage alt textimage alt text
Hotels Hawaii Mauiimage alt textimage alt text
Hotels Maui Rentalsimage alt textimage alt text
Rentals Hawaii Maui image alt textimage alt text

If you find that close variants to your broad match modifier are triggering your ad incorrectly, add those close variants to your negative keywords.