Improve campaign effectiveness by using performance reports

Whether your goal is more sales, more registered users, or better brand recognition, your ad campaign will help you achieve it. And Bing Ads performance reports are key to getting the most out of your campaigns.

The world of pay per click advertising doesn't stay still. Neither should your campaigns. That means taking steps to ensure that all aspects of your campaigns remain relevant and competitive, and perform well in the marketplace.

Here's where to start

One important way to adjust to the changes and keep your campaigns effective is to create and run performance reports found on the Bing Ads Reports page. These reports deliver statistics on an ongoing basis that give you insights into how well your campaigns are doing.

Start by focusing on these:

  • Use the campaign report and keyword report to learn which campaigns are performing well and how your keywords are contributing to campaign performance.
  • Use the ad group report to see how these groups of ads and keywords are doing.
  • Use the search term report to see which keywords cause your ads to display.

Then use these reports to track five essential statistics:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Average ad position (Avg. position)
  • Average cost per click (Avg. CPC)
  • Conversions (Conv.)
  • Conversion rate

For more information on these statistics and why they're vital tools for improving campaign performance, check out What the numbers mean. Then begin taking steps to make your campaign more relevant and competitive.

To learn more about Bing Ads reports, watch the video Save time with Bing Ads reporting tools (English only).

  • The Keyword and Delivered match type columns in the search term report are now selected by default.
  • In addition to keyword performance reports, the account, campaign, ad group, and ad performance reports now include the Top vs. other and Network columns. These give you more reports in which to see performance differences between mainline and sidebar ads, and which networks your ads are running on. See What is "ad position" for more details about ad position, and learn more about networks in What are the search network and the content network.
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