Where is Bing Ads available, and on which network will my ads display?

See a list of countries and regions where you can sign up for Bing Ads, now and in the near future, and see the available networks on which your ads will display.

Check out the list below to see where Bing Ads is available and whether your ads will run on the Yahoo Bing Network or only on the Bing network. Don’t see your country listed? Check back, because we are expanding to new markets on a regular basis.


Your account's country might affect the forms of payment you can use.

Bing Ads is available in these countries on the Yahoo Bing Network
Argentina Austria
Brazil Canada
Chile Colombia
Denmark Finland
France Germany
Hong Kong India
Indonesia Ireland
Italy Malaysia
Mexico Netherlands
Norway Peru
Philippines Singapore
Spain Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan
Thailand United Kingdom
United States Venezuela
Bing Ads is available in these countries only on the Bing network
Australia New Zealand
,IS_Microsoft_adCenter , ab_markets , ext50873

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