How to add your business address using Location Extensions

To further enrich your ad and help customers contact you, you can add your address and phone number to your ads.

Enhance your ads with a business address and phone number to help customers contact you.


Click Ad Extensions.

Campaigns tab, Ad Extension

Click Location Extensions > Create.

Choose Location Extension

Select the campaign you want to associate with the extension.

Pick campaign

Click an existing extension to associate with this campaign, or click Create New for a new location. (If you create a new location, you will be prompted to enter your business location information.) Click Save.

Pick extension

  • For more background on locations and ad extensions, take a look at Using targeting to display your ads to the right people and What are ad extensions?.
  • This procedure is only for text ads. WAP mobile ads don't support the above features.
  • Locations apply to all of your campaigns within a particular Customer ID. You enable location extensions at the campaign level and they get applied to all ad groups and ads in the campaign.
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