About creating a Bing Ads client-agency relationship

When an agency manages your account, you give them permission to perform all campaign management tasks, including setting budgets, running new ads, and adding or updating bids on your keywords.

The workflow for giving control to an agency typically looks like this:

  1. You and your agency develop a working relationship outside of Bing Ads, which can include signing a contract for the agency to manage your accounts.
  2. Through Bing Ads, your agency sends you a request to manage your account.
  3. You accept the request, and the agency begins managing your account. You can still sign in at any time and view or edit your account.
Who pays for charges on your account?

Often, the agency takes over as the “bill-to” on your account. This means that the agency will pay for all advertising costs in Bing Ads, and then bill you later. In some cases, however, you might continue to pay all advertising costs on your account, even if your agency is doing the day-to-day campaign management.

Finding an agency

If you want to find an agency to manage your Bing Ads account, you can check out our directory of Bing Ads accredited professionals.

Does inviting an agency take away my ability to manage my account?

No, if you are the owner of the account, you will still be able to gain access using your credentials. You are simply inviting another user to have access to your account.

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