Check out the new and enhanced features in Bing Ads designed to help you connect with your target customers, boost campaign performance, and improve your ROI.

Bing Ads dynamically releases new and enhanced features to help you connect with customers, boost performance, and improve your ROI. Take a look, and check out the Bing Ads Buzz too!

More responsive UI

The first of many improvements planned for 2015:

  • It’s easier to scroll the left panel when you have a lot of campaigns or ad groups.
  • When you log in, Bing Ads will open to the last account you were looking at.
  • Tables scroll more smoothly, even with hundreds of rows of data.

Posted: January 2015


Increasing our limits

Up, up, up!

Over the last couple months, we’ve increased many of our online advertising limits. Did you know that you can now have up to 5 million keywords per account and up to 20,000 ad groups per campaign? For all the limits, see the table at the bottom of How should I organize my accounts and campaigns?

Posted: December 2014


Top ad annotations

Top ad annotations can now be added to eligible ads, increasing your website’s credibility and trust with customers. Currently available on desktops and tablets in the United States. Learn more

Posted: November 2014


Show all change history details

We added a Show all details/Hide all details button so you can see all changes at once, a new Change by menu so you can view changes made by a specific user, and an All change type check box so you do not have to select them all. To learn about other enhancements to the change history tab, see About the change history graph.

Posted: October 2014


Tax change for Indian customers

As of October 1, 2014, Bing Ads includes a 12.36% service tax on advertising charges in India. You can view the total tax paid and the breakdown of taxes on the Billing tab on the Accounts & Billing page. Learn more

Posted: October 2014


Negative keyword lists

Eliminate unwanted traffic across campaigns with shared negative keyword lists

With the new shared library feature in Bing Ads and Bing Ads Editor, you can apply entire lists of negative keywords to multiple and future campaigns. It makes negative keyword management easy because, to make a change to multiple campaigns, you only have to edit a single list. To learn more about using the negative keyword library, see Use negative keywords to get to the right customers.

Posted: September 2014


Sell subscriptions with product ads

U.S. advertisers who provide or sell subscriptions can now use product ads. Provided these ads meet all the standard requirements for product ads, you can now use this new and effective way to advertise subscriptions!

Posted: September 2014


Targeting improvements

We've made several changes that will help you target your campaigns more effectively:

  • Your time of day targeting can now be in 15-minute increments.
  • You can now target a specific zip code in the US.
  • You can target customers who are looking for information about a specific location, but are not physically searching from that location.
  • You can now have up to 10,000 geographic targets.

Posted: September 2014


Pay with Discover Network cards (US only)

U.S. advertisers can now pay using Discover Network credit and debit cards. For more information about payment options, see How do I pay for Bing Ads?

Posted: September 2014


Enhanced Sitelink Extensions now available globally

You can now take advantage of enhanced Sitelink Extensions in all markets! To learn more about using enhanced Sitelink Extensions, see How to enable, edit, or delete Sitelink Extensions.

Posted: January 2015


Top movers goes international

The top movers report is now available in all markets. Learn more

Posted: December 2014


Auction Insights

New feature: Auction Insights

Every time someone performs a search on the Yahoo Bing Network, we run an ad auction to determine which ads are shown and where they are placed on the search results page. How are your ads doing compared to your competition? Find out with Auction Insights, available directly from the Campaigns tab. Auction Insights is available only in the United States. Learn more or check out this video

Posted: November 2014


Accounts Summary

New Accounts Summary page

If you manage multiple Bing Ads accounts, the Accounts Summary page can help you view performance and budget data across all your accounts so that you can quickly target problem areas. Want to find out which of your accounts have the lowest CTR so that you can work on those keyword lists? Want to quickly see which invoiced accounts need new insertion orders? Accounts Summary can answer these questions and more. Learn more

Posted: October 2014


New Opportunities page available in more countries

Want to improve your campaign’s performance, but not sure how? On our Opportunities page, bid, budget and match type suggestions are available in all countries and keyword suggestions are available in English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada) and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, Hong Kong). Learn more

Posted: October 2014


See what's driving conversions with the top movers report

We have added the ability to diagnose account variations in conversions to the top movers report. It identifies the campaigns and ad groups responsible for the biggest changes (both increases and decreases) in conversions during a specified time period, and provides possible causes behind those changes. Learn more

Posted: October 2014


Enhanced Sitelink Extensions

With enhanced Sitelink Extensions, you can now add up to two lines of text under each Sitelink Extension to draw attention to the link and increase the size of your ad. To learn more about using the enhanced Sitelink Extensions, see How to enable, edit, or delete Sitelink Extensions.

Posted: September 2014


Unified devise targeting

Unified device targeting

As first announced in June, desktops, laptops and tablets are now combined into a single device target. Any campaigns that previously only targeted desktops and laptops will additionally begin targeting tablets. Similarly, any campaigns that previously only targeted tablets will also begin to target desktops and laptops. To ensure that you have the flexibility to manage the performance differences between tablets and desktops, you can now also adjust your tablet bid from -20% to +300%. For more information, see our help article.

Posted: September 2014