How does the billing threshold work?

Paying your postpay account with a credit card or PayPal? Learn about billing threshold to understand how and when we charge your payment method.

This article applies to postpay accounts using threshold billing, not monthly invoicing.

The date that you sign up for Bing Ads becomes your monthly billing date. On that date each month, we will charge your primary payment method for charges you've accrued. But in addition to charging your payment method on your monthly billing date, we will also charge you any time you reach the billing threshold. Billing threshold is the maximum unpaid balance you can have on a postpay account.

Where can I find my billing threshold?

On the Accounts & Billing page, click the Billing tab.

Billing threshold increases and decreases

Over time, as you reach your threshold and make successful payments, Bing Ads automatically increases the billing threshold. The amount of increase depends on your currency and other factors. Alternatively, Bing Ads automatically decreases your billing threshold if you run into problems paying your charges.

An example

Let’s assume you signed up for Bing Ads on October 22 and have a postpay account billed in U.S. dollars. As a new customer, your billing threshold is set by default to $50 and your monthly billing date is the 22nd of each month. From October 22 to November 21, you spend $47.50, so we charge you that amount on November 22, your first monthly billing date. Your campaign takes off in late November and by December 7, you have $50 in charges. We charge your payment method on December 8. You reach the billing threshold two more times, and we increase it to $100.

Customer limit

Now, we let you control your billing threshold. You can set a limit on the amount Bing Ads can charge your payment method. For example, if your billing threshold is $2,500, but you don't want charges to your credit card that are greater than $2,000, you can set a limit.

Although you can place a limit that is higher than the current billing threshold, we will continue to charge you when you reach the billing threshold that is defined by Bing Ads for your account. If the threshold goes up and exceeds your limit, we will charge you when you reach your limit.

An example

Let’s say your current billing threshold is $500 with a maximum over time of $2,500. You can set your limit at $2000, but we’ll continue to charge you when you reach the billing threshold until we raise the billing threshold over time and it reaches your limit of $2,000.

How do I set a limit on each charge?
  1. On the Accounts & Billing page, click the Billing tab.
  2. Next to Billing Threshold, click Edit.
  3. Select Limit each charge to, and then enter the amount that Bing Ads should not exceed each time we charge your primary payment method.
  4. Click Save.

It will take about an hour for your new limit to be saved in our system.

  • Charges can exceed the billing threshold or your limit by a small amount. If you are setting the limit because of a maximum amount you can charge on your credit card or PayPal account, you might want to set your limit slightly below that amount.
  • You will not be charged on your monthly billing date if you have made a successful payment within the past 10 days, either by reaching your billing threshold or by using the "Bill me now" button.
  • If you set your limit below your current balance, we will charge you the full balance. After that, you will be charged your limit (or a slightly larger amount). If you need to reduce your balance before you set your limit, you can Pay your account balance.
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