Optimize your results

Fine-tune your campaign to boost performance

You've launched your campaigns and things are running smoothly. Now what? Find ways to optimize your campaign strategy — using help and resources on this page, make some adjustments to help you find more customers and enhance your ROI.

Key reading

Optimizing for better performance

Suggestions on using the performance reports to optimize your campaign.

Learn how to improve your campaign

More ideas to keep your campaign generating the ROI you want to see.

Improving your ad position

Tips for improving your ad position and why that’s important.

Related help
Did you know? Performance trend graphs appear on the campaigns, ad groups and keywords tabs. On any performance trend graph, you can choose from eight different metrics: clicks, impressions, spend, average CPC, click-through rate (CTR), average position, cost per acquisition (CPA) and conversions. Peaks and valleys in the graph show where you have had good performance and where you haven’t. Learn more about performance trend graphs.

Performance Trend Graph

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