The below links are provided for you to report an allegation of intellectual property infringement occurring in Sponsored Sites advertising for Bing and other search partner sites (such as Yahoo). These links are to be used solely to report a violation of our trademark, counterfeit and copyright policies.

What is not covered here?

Organic search results (a.k.a. non-sponsored results)

Microsoft does not remove organic search results in response to a trademark complaint. The content of websites appearing in organic search results is wholly controlled by the website’s owner. Please raise any objection about the content of such websites directly with the owner of that website.

If your complaint concerns an allegation of copyright infringement (as opposed to trademark infringement), learn how to submit an infringement complaint to Microsoft.

Issues in ads other than intellectual property

The forms above are specifically for reporting complaints related to intellectual property infringement. If you have found an occurrence of a low quality ad on Bing or, please fill out the Low quality ad submission & escalation form to report spam or malicious ads.