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Unlocking the power of search for CMOs - my Cannes Conversation

There are two fundamental changes to the role of the CMO in the time of digital transformation – ownership of the entire customer experience journey and, the need to harness data insight invaluable to the wider business. CMOs are stepping up to lead through a time of transformation in redefining customer experience and search intelligence is empowering them in their quest.

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Last call for Standard Text Ads creation support

We are providing an update on Standard text ads and best practices for Expanded Text Ads. We are planning to end support for adding and editing standard text ads on July 31. At that point, advertisers can view, but no longer able to create new standard text ads or edit current standard text ads. It is important to note that standard text ads will continue to be served alongside Expanded Text Ads.

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Search advertising demystified

What is SEM? How do I optimise my website to be search engine friendly? What do I need to promote myself to consumers searching online? Most small businesses will ponder over these questions when beginning their search advertising journey. This article answers those questions and serves as a guide to provide you with a deeper understanding of search advertising.

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How to Create a Bing Ads Account Tutorial

Whether you’re coming from AdWords or new to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it’s quick and easy to start advertising your business on Bing Ads. Bing Ads is free to sign-up and you only pay when customers click on your ad. No click, no charge with no ...

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