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Find out if your keywords are working in just one step

Do you want to know whether a particular keyword is triggering your ads and, if not, why?  Beginning today, that answer is just one step away from your Campaigns page. With the new inline keyword diagnosis tool, you can make smarter connections to achieve more by gathering information about your keywords when you need it, without a bunch of pesky clicks.

Get started

Navigate to the Keywords tab in your Campaigns page and locate the keyword you're interested in.  Hover over the ellipsis icon (“…”) in the “Delivery” column to trigger the pop-up dialog for keyword diagnosis.

bing ads inline keyword diagnosis

Your keyword diagnosis pops up as a dialog box comprised of three sections:

1. Keyword diagnosis result

If your keywords are triggering your ad, you’ll see “Yes,” otherwise, you’ll see “No,” along with an explanation of the suggested reason and a recommended action.  “No” reasons will fall into one of these categories: setting (e.g. negative keyword, paused keyword), editorial issue (e.g. disapproved keyword, keyword pending review), quality (e.g. low ad relevance, low expected CTR), or bid and budget (e.g. low bid amount, campaign out budget).

With the result and reason, we also provide actionable feedback if there is indeed a problem preventing your ad from showing, for example:

bing ads inline keyword diagnosis

2. Keyword quality score

Under the diagnosis result, you’ll see a breakdown of your Quality score by Expected click-through rate, Ad relevance, and Landing page experience.

Note: Since you can find the quality score breakdown here, the pop-up dialog under “Quality score” is no longer needed and the ellipsis icon in that column has been removed.

3.  Link to Ad Preview and Diagnostics

Under Quality Score, we’ve added a link to the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool in case you want to preview your ads and/or conduct any further diagnosis. If you do access the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool from this link, you’ll find the context (keyword and targeting options) already filled in, to save you the time and effort of memorizing and inputting them manually, for example:

bing ads inline keyword diagnosis

We hope this tool will save you time when diagnosing keyword delivery issues in Bing Ads. To learn more about this tool, visit the Help Center.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to ping us on Twitter, submit your feature requests and vote on those others have submitted in our Feature Suggestion forum, ask questions in the Bing Ads Answers forum, or reach out to us directly at