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Re-engage, Re-visit, Remarket

No matter what industry you belong to its always important to be in front of a consumer not only at the right time but multiple times throughout the purchase journey. It becomes more crucial with online consumers where 96%¹ of first time visitors leave a website without making a purchase and 70%¹ of shopping-carts are left abandoned half way through the process. The recently released Bing Ads Search Remarketing gives you the opportunity to re-engage consumers that have previously shown interest in your brand, products and services. Unlike Site Remarketing; where display banners are delivered with consistent messaging throughout a person’s journey on the web, Search Remarketing targets people through the Bing search results, where businesses can offer more specific text ads showcasing different offers and information.

A consumer will range in terms of value to your business depending on what stage they're on. Search Remarketing makes it possible to drill down on the purchase journey to create refined audiences based on what a consumer’s actions are once they come through to your website. Audiences can be created to target actions like:

  • Visiting or not visiting specific pages within your website
  • Abandoning a shopping cart without purchasing the products in there  
  • Submitting a form or subscribing to mailing lists
  • Even targeting people that completed the purchase and have landed on the "Thank-you page"  


Search Remarketing allows you to prioritise your audiences through incremental bidding, where you can either increase or decrease the CPC (cost per click) you're willing to pay for that visitor. By knowing what your visitors are doing when they visit your site, we can get further insight into the search terms that people are using to come through to your website and if there are any keywords that should be added to the campaign. By only targeting people within an audience, you're then able to include keywords that would normally be considered too expensive, broad and low converting, since the audience have already expressed an interest in your website they have a higher opportunity to convert and the audience is restricted so it won’t exhaust your budget on irrelevant clicks. 

So whether you are wanting to invest more to increase the likelihood of certain audiences coming back to your website, or whether you plan to follow their journey to the next related purchase, Bing Ads has an option to suit your needs. Make sure you read the best practises and set-up instructions to get your Bing Ads remarketing campaign up and running & as always if you need any assistance with getting it set up within your account or if you have any questions please reach out to your Bing Ads Account Manager.

¹Forrester, Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment, May 2010