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Bing Predicts Melbourne Cup 2015 and Insights for Advertisers

The Melbourne Cup has been capturing the hearts of Australians for years, which is why the race has been notoriously dubbed “the race that stops the nation”. Bing Australia continues to celebrate the most anticipated racing event in the Australian racing calendar with the launch of its Bing Predicts technology that searchers can have some “intelligent fun” with! The great thing for Bing advertisers alike is that they can expect increased traffic to their websites with more users engaging with the Bing Predicts innovation throughout the Spring Racing Carnival season. You can read about our advertiser insights further below.

The Bing team have realised that web activity is less biased than polling, and while human beings have intuition and wisdom on their side, it won’t necessarily lead to the most successful results.

Bing Predicts combines age, health and weight of participating horses with historical statistics of the trainer’s past performances, jockey’s efficiency and factors contributing to an overall strong team. Predictions will also take into account; track conditions on the day, which will be matched with horse’s preferences based on previous races.

Satisfied with this statistic model, web activities and social updates are added to strengthen the quality of predictions by capturing real-time information such as; injuries, controversies and other changes that affect the race.

Team up with Bing as we provide all racing enthusiasts with important information on the upcoming Melbourne Cup race.

Search for Melbourne Cup and see which horses are most favourable to win the race! 

We have made every effort to build a high quality prediction model by finding information that is most trustworthy but we also know that punters do not always make perfect decisions. In the end, predicting the future is like uncovering the mysteries of life and Bing is on the path of doing that.

Good luck!

Advertiser checklist:

If you’re an advertiser on Bing Ads looking to capitalise on the Melbourne Cup, there are some important considerations to work through if you’d like to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns during this period. Follow this simple checklist now, and enjoy the potential rewards this racing season.

Bids and budgets

  • It is recommended that all bids and budgets are set for all Melbourne Cup campaigns no later than the night before (2nd November). Budgets can take time to refresh in the system, which may cause advertisers to lose valuable impression share and click traffic on the day.
  • Advertisers are advised to have a strong incremental bidding strategy in place for mobile devices. It is recommended that bids and budgets are set highest for mobile devices for up to three hours before a race event.

Ad Copy

  • Include all special offers for Spring Carnival and Melbourne Cup race day in your ad copy. It is suggested to have at least one special offer in variation in each ad group.

App extensions

  • If an advertiser has an app available for download, it is recommended that they enable app extensions for relevant campaigns. This will enable the advertiser to be more likely to convert a customer from a onetime user of their service into a potential lifetime customer.

For more information, please view the Melbourne Cup Insights presentation here