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Boost travel sales with tailored keywords and mobile-friendly sites

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Boost your sales with mobile-friendly sites - Bing Ads

Preparing your 2015 travel campaigns? In our current Australian travel report, we have key insights and encouraging data from the recent year to help. Interesting changes have happened in the Australia travel landscape. The cruising industry experienced strong growth and this is predicted to increase in the years ahead. With Virgin agreeing to purchase a stake in Tiger Air, greater competition in domestic air fares may arise. For top travel spots, Hawaii was one of the most travelled to destinations, which is a trend likely to continue. More travel trends include:

  • The travel vertical revenue is up 34 percent in the last year.1
  • Asian markets are set to drive growth in travel for 2015.2
  • Mobile booking growth year over year has increased 20 percent, and having a fully optimised mobile site can double your chance of conversions.3

Our travel deck offers seasonal analysis of clicks, conversions and ad position over time. After a cost-per-click comparison of various travel keywords, Bing Ads resulted in being cheaper than AdWords and offers a higher return value and performance. In addition to keywords, find strategic recommendations on ad rotation, budgeting and bid best practices, as well as a look at how mobile advertising can help boost sales — a fully optimised mobile site can double your chance of conversions.

To dive further into travel trends and insights, check out the full presentation to the right or download it.



1. Internal Bing data


3. Position 1 Bidding for Head Terms using Bing Ads Intelligence and Google Keyword Planner Tool, March 2015.