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Australian online bookstore gets results with tactics, insights and technique

  Presentation , Retail

Online bookstore gets results with insights and tactics


With vast expansion plans, online book retailer, Booktopia, needs to attract thousands of new customers each day.


The Bing Ads Team advised using the Opportunities Tab tool to find new keywords which, when added to campaigns, are likely to deliver more qualified traffic and impression share. Booktopia also uses Sitelink Extensions to anticipate customer interests and build a rich and informative online experience.


Bing Ads campaigns have paid major dividends for Booktopia with search conversions rising by 70 percent and cost per acquisition staying within tight limits. Bing's cost per click is also lower than alternative search platforms. "Bing Ads continues to capture market share, and it delivers an excellent return on investment,”says Tania Johnston, Booktopia sales director.

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