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DesignCrowd creates a core customer base

March 2018

DesignCrowd pursues a stronger SEM strategy

DesignCrowd is a small, digital business powering onto the global stage. Founded in Sydney in 2008, the company provides a marketplace for digital and web design projects. By bringing experienced and aspiring designers into a single bidding platform, DesignCrowd is expanding commercial opportunities for freelancers and providing businesses with access to global talent.  “Search is the core of our marketing and our main acquisition channel,” notes Leonardo Wilhelm, performance marketing manager at DesignCrowd. “Freelancers looking for more work need to find our services, and business owners need to see how the marketplace works.”

Universal Event Tracking identifies high-value customers

Over a period of six months, the Bing Ads account management team helped DesignCrowd inform target decision makers and identify high-value, repeat customers using Universal Event Tracking (UET).

The ability to track repeat customers gives DesignCrowd a better understanding of customers’ behaviour and search flow. Critically, data analysis revealed that although generic search terms did not perform strongly when DesignCrowd looked at last-click attribution, they were an essential starting point that added high-value customers to the purchase funnel. “UET proved to be a turning point for us,” says Wilhelm. “Now we can track new customer transactions against repeat transactions. This helps us understand the value of different types of campaigns and the best way to drive new customers.”

Bing Ads delivers 20% lower cost per click

Bing Ads now accounts for 10% of DesignCrowd’s search engine marketing (SEM) budget. Generic search terms cost 20% less on Bing Ads than on Google AdWords. This means DesignCrowd is generating more clicks with the same budget and increasing the brand’s impression share for the generic terms in which it invests.

Wilhelm attributes success to the collaborative way he and his team work with the Bing Ads account management team. “We enjoy working with the Bing Ads experts,” he says. “The number one differentiator for Bing Ads is the very high level of personal, one-on-one support. It helps us adopt advanced features faster than on other platforms.

UET proved to be a turning point for us. Now we can track new customer transactions against repeat transactions. This helps us understand the value of different types of campaigns and the best way to drive new customers.

— Leonardo Wilhelm, performance marketing manager, DesignCrowd

Location targeting aids worldwide campaign expansion

For DesignCrowd, SEM is essential for global expansion. DesignCrowd takes advantage of internal data to analyse purchasing behaviours in different states and countries, and it uses location targeting to deliver campaigns that suit the characteristics of specific markets. “With location targeting, we increase the return on investment for each of our main locations and customise our campaigns according to region,” says Wilhelm. “We then use this knowledge to build city-specific landing pages that highlight products that sell well in those cities.” With the Bing Ads account team’s expertise and continuous support, DesignCrowd was empowered to reach higher business goals through a strong SEM strategy. This helped the company to build not only a truly global strategy but also a truly global business.

Download the infographic to take DesignCrowd’s success story with you.