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Home-improvement services site cuts cost per acquisition in half


Site cuts cost per acquisition in half - Bing Ads


Established in 2004, Sydney-based hipages is a top-tier directory that matches online searchers with approximately 40,000 tradespeople across Australia. Listing over 1300 categories of home-improvements jobs, the site generates new leads at a rate of one job every 45 seconds. In early 2013, hipages wanted to extend their search campaign to Bing to reach a new audience.


With a different user demographic, Bing Ads provided the opportunity to reach an exclusive new audience. "With a more mature and wealthier user base, Bing promised better conversion rates and higher-value leads," says Kenny Tse, hipages search engine marketing specialist. The Bing Ads campaign setup was straightforward. Tse imported the Google AdWords campaign straight into Bing Ads, which saved time and avoided duplicated effort. To optimise the campaign, Tse relied on expert advice and regular input from Microsoft search experts in Sydney.


Throughout the first five months of 2015, hipages's cost per acquisition (CPA) for leads generated on Bing Ads averaged 51 percent of CPA on the AdWords platform. Tse believes this is because Bing drives higher-quality traffic to hipages sites, which results in a higher conversion rate. “Bing Ads generates a higher return on investment — currently 21 percent — so it's attracting a rising proportion of spend,” says Tse. “We've carefully tracked Bing Ads conversion rates this year: not only are they higher than AdWords, they are rising by an average of 3 percent per month."

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