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The Science of New Trending Queries and Broad Match

  • Discover how to connect with new audiences every two weeks.
  • Learn how to leverage New Trending Queries to drive lead generation.
  • Strategize with broad match and broad match modified to support your business goals.

The Science of Data Feed Optimization for Shopping Campaigns

  • Understand how Bing Shopping Campaigns take your products and put them in an impactful ad format to reach an engaged audience.
  • Explore how to set up and manage required and recommended data feeds to get the most out of your campaigns.
  • Learn how to optimize data feeds through best practices to better engage with your customers.

The Art and Science of Ad Copy Testing

  • Rediscover your reptilian brain and how it impacts consumer buying decisions.
  • Explore five ways to influence with copy and get some tips on making writing fun again.
  • Learn how to boost clicks and conversions with effective ad copy tips from PPC industry experts.

The Science of Remarketing

  • Reconnect, re-engage and bring back those customers who have shown interest in your products or services.
  • Explore how to optimize your ads, bids, and keywords for unique groups of returning visitors.
  • Learn next level optimization techniques from our Advertiser Science team.

The Kevin Bacon Approach to Keyword Attribution

  • Understand keyword attribution and learn which keywords are assisting in conversions.
  • Learn how to find keyword assist data in your account.
  • Design your own keyword assist experiment.

The Art and Science of Bing Ads Reporting

  • Get up to speed with the latest campaign reporting features and gather deeper performance insights.
  • Learn how to optimize your campaigns using ROI and Quality Score Reporting.
  • Review tips & tricks on best way to pull reports that mean the most to you and your client.

The Science of Audience and Attribution Modeling

  • Rethink attribution issues that arise with cross-channel marketing based on attribution models you might be using.
  • Create more holistic marketing campaigns and integrate non-search audience data into your search campaigns.
  • Reimagine your remarketing audiences as search continues to evolve in form and function.

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