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Bing Ads and You: Advanced Diagnostics Functionality is Coming Soon to the Ad Preview Tool

“Where is my ad?” you may ask yourself, and that’s a reasonable question! To help answer it, last year we launched the Ad Preview Tool, and soon after, some additional enhancements to the tool with the goal of helping you to quickly and easily find where your ad is showing on the Yahoo! Bing Network. Today, we’re pleased to let you know about a major upgrade: diagnostics.

Coming soon, we’ll be updating the name to the Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool and you’ll be able to identify the reasons why your ads may not be showing on the first Bing Ads search results page.

Ad Preview and Diagnostics ToolYou’ll still be able to enter a specific term along with targeting settings (such as language, publisher domain, and traffic origin location at the country, state and city level) and validate whether your ad is serving for a specific search term.

With this advanced diagnostics function, you’ll soon be able to:

  • Identify which keywords within your account could be delivered in response to a search term but being disqualified due to issues with:
    • Campaign quality (such as a low quality score)
    • Campaign settings (such as bid, budget, targeting, or negative keywords)
  • Receive actionable feedback to address those no-show reasons

Advanced Diagnostics Reasons ExampleThis update to the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool is a part of Bing Ads’ initiative to provide more insights to you and help you gain more clicks on the Yahoo! Bing Network.

To us, you are Bing Ads.

Vishal Gupta