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Is voice search the new digital frontier?

I recently met with Laura Hampton of Impression to discuss the power of search and in particular, its future. During our discussion, we talked through how search’s pervasiveness, predictiveness and proactivity is assisting us, via technology, to make our lives easier – and better.
In the videos below, we looked into how Bing has evolved, and the new ideals and technologies that differentiate it from the rest. Voice search is undoubtedly one of the biggest areas of interest in the digital space, and we explore how Bing can help marketers and SEOs get ahead of the trend to reap the rewards of voice.
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Future of search

I explain Bing’s vision for the future of search, which can be divided in to three key prongs; pervasiveness, predictiveness and proactivity.

 Voice search as next digital obsession

In recent years, the buzz of the big tech conferences has been all about the power of mobile – but 2017 has seen a shift in focus to voice search. Here I give advice to SEOs and digital marketers how to adapt their thinking for the new voice search age.  
Voice as a bid modifier

As voice search is still in the early stages of adoption, it is not yet warrant being treated as a specific thing to bid up or down on. However, when voice becomes 50% of search, that is when the possibility of bidding opens up.
Future of links

With the rise of voice, will links become obsolete? Why personalisation and context are the key factors that will impact the use of links in future.