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Using dynamic text empowers your campaign with customisable ads. For example, when a customer searches for a term, Bing Ads inserts that term into your ad’s title, text or destination URL, making your ad more relevant. Relevant, targeted ads can help increase the click-through rate (CTR) and the conversion rate of your ad campaign.

After reading about our dynamic search ad extensions, you will understand how to:

  • Create an ad using dynamic text.
  • Associate parameter text with keywords.

Create an ad using dynamic text

Let's use an example to see how our dynamic advertising solutions works. This ad for an online florist mentions a flower sale, but it isn't specific:

Fresh flowers online
All flowers on sale and ready to ship
In contrast, this ad, which uses dynamic text, provides specific information about roses and how much they are discounted:
Fresh roses online 
All roses 15% off and shipped
This level of detail is accomplished by establishing “flowers” as a placeholder for multiple keywords, one of which is “roses.” When a customer searches for “roses,” the placeholder, “flowers,” is replaced by what the customer has typed — in this case, "roses.” Also notice how the keyword is displayed in bold in both the title and the ad text.

Now, let’s look at the Bing Ads interface to see how to add dynamic text via our dynamic search ad extensions. (Note: you can only add dynamic text to your ad after you have saved the new campaign or ad group, not when you create a new campaign or ad group.)

From the Ads page, click an ad in the left column to open the ad build page. Click the dynamic text link, choose the Placeholder{Keyword} and position it within the text where you want your keyword to be inserted. Remember, the keyword “roses” will only appear if you have roses in your keyword list.

Screenshot of Create an ad screen.

Default text and capitalisation

Be sure to consider character limits when you use dynamic text. For example, the keyword “chrysanthemums” may cause your ad title to exceed 25 characters. If an ad exceeds the character limit, it won’t be displayed.

To avoid this, simply add default text to your dynamic text keywords. To set a default keyword, insert a colon after {Keyword} and add the default text you want to appear in place of a dynamic keyword. In the case of {Keyword: flowers}, “flowers” becomes the default keyword and displays instead of “chrysanthemums” if the character limit is exceeded.

Furthermore, you can control how your dynamic text keywords are capitalised. For example, say you want all lowercase “fresh fruit” in the ad text, but would like to see uppercase “FRESH fruit” in the title. You can capitalise several ways by adjusting the capitalisation of the {keyword} variable:

Search Query   {KeyWord} placeholder       What it does Ad text
fresh flowers {KeyWord} Capitalises the first letter of each word in the keyword Order Fresh Flowers today
local fresh flowers {KEYWORD} Capitalises the first letter of each word in the keyword Order Local Fresh Flowers today
Fresh Flowers {keyword} Changes the first letter of each word to lower-case Order fresh flowers today
fresh flowers {Keyword} Capitalises the first letter of the first word in the keyword Order Fresh flowers today
Dayton, oh {KeyWORD} Capitalises the first letter of the first word and all the letters of the last word in the keyword Fun events in Dayton, OH
sony laptops {KEYWord} Capitalises all the letters of the first word in the keyword and first letter in the second word Get deals on SONY Laptops

Associate parameter text with keywords

The “roses” ad also displays custom information — the flower sale discount of “15% off” — by using a parameter placeholder. A parameter is variable information, such as the discount value or shipping information that you can associate with each of your keywords.

For example, the keyword "roses" in ad No. 1 below displays the parameter value "15% off and shipped anywhere!," while the keyword “tulips” in ad No. 2 displays the parameter value “50% off and free shipping!”:

Fresh roses online
All roses 15% off and shipped
Fresh tulips online
All tulips 50% off and free
When you set up your dynamic keywords, you also set up parameters for your dynamic ad text. Notice that we’ve added {param2:on sale} to the ad text. This establishes where the dynamic ad text will insert in the ad

 Screenshot of different ways to enter parameters to change keyword formatting, such as capitalisation.

Now, we need to add the dynamic text content: 50% off and free shipping! To add the columns necessary to enter parameter values, on the Keywords page, click the Columns item from the action menu bar.

Screenshot of different ways to enter parameters to change keyword formatting, such as capitalization.

From the column chooser, select the Param1, Param2 and Param3 by clicking the double arrow >> to ensure that they appear on the selected columns list. Click Apply to close the column chooser.
Screenshot of keywords.
Simply hover over the cell that you want to edit and the pencil icon should appear to an editable field. In the example below, 15% off will be inserted where {param2} is located in the ad text and shipped anywhere! will be inserted where {param3} is located for the keyword “roses.” For the keyword “tulips,” wherever there is a {param2}, 50% off will be inserted and free shipping! will be inserted wherever there is a {param3}.

Screenshot of Modify columns.
Bing Ads dynamic search ad extensions transform generic ads into custom ads. Custom ads have a better chance of success because they are more specific and relevant to your target customers. Keep these key points in mind as you use dynamic text in your ads:

  • Dynamic text displays account keywords that were triggered by the customer’s search phrase, so keywords should be chosen carefully.
  • Dynamic ads will only display keywords that have either been included in your Bing Ads account, or included as default text like with {KeyWord:roses}
  • Keywords can be paired with unique parameters so ads display different promotions, sales and shipping information.
  • Default text ensures ads display if dynamic text exceeds character limits.

Thanks for reading this training on dynamic advertising solutions. Continue your training or take the Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam to become accredited.


Please note all features in this training may not be available in your market.