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Click quality is an important issue for pay-per-click advertisers. Accidental or illegitimate clicks waste advertisers’ budgets. Bing Ads uses real-time and post-click systems to protect from low-quality, budget-wasting clicks.

After reading this training, you will understand how to:

  • Recognise how Bing Ads categorises clicks.
  • Monitor low-quality clicks.
  • Report low-quality clicks. 

Basics of click quality

Clicks can be categorised as standard-quality, low-quality, or invalid, and here are tools you can use to identify, monitor, prevent and report suspicious click activity. The clicks are defined as:

  • Standard-quality: clicks that are most likely from potential customers.
  • Low-quality: clicks that exhibit characteristics of unclear commercial intent, and patterns of unusual activity.
  • Invalid: clicks that fall into the low-quality category which exhibit characteristics of user error, search engine robots or fraudulent activity.
You are billed for standard-quality clicks, and should not be billed for low-quality or invalid clicks.

Bing Ads monitors low-quality clicks

Bing Ads uses real-time and post-click systems to guard against low-quality and invalid clicks. Learn more about how Bing Ads monitors low-quality clicks at our Traffic quality center.

Monitor metrics Bing Ads determines as low-quality

Screenshot of Reports page and where to select click and impression quality metrics in your performance reports.You can learn how many clicks Bing Ads has identified as low quality by adding low-quality click values to your account and campaign performance reports. You can also add other metrics, like clicks Bing Ads identifies as low-quality, but that still result in conversions.

To include click and impression quality metrics in your performance reports, first click on the reports tab. From here, you can add click and impression quality metrics to any performance report by selecting Choose your columns and then adding these columns to your report. These reports will help you better identify which campaigns, ad groups or keywords are accounting for high volumes of low-quality clicks.

You can monitor low-quality clicks

To minimise invalid clicks and make the most effective use of your advertising spend, it’s important to monitor ad click traffic for uncharacteristic changes in click volume, click-through rate and conversion rate.

There are many ways you can monitor click activity on your website. First, keep a close eye on click-traffic patterns. In general, you should be aware of your average click volume per day, per week and per month. When you identify typical traffic patterns, you can spot questionable click activity.

Increased traffic alone doesn’t necessarily indicate low-quality clicks. To account for natural fluctuations, set up a daily or monthly budget that allows for trends and fluctuations, as well as promotions and sales.

Conversion tracking is another useful strategy to monitor click activity. You can easily spot trends or spikes in traffic corresponding with low conversion rates. High click counts with low conversions can indicate low-quality click activity.

Finally, you can use commercial web-tracking software to monitor website traffic. This software helps you analyze traffic behavior on your site, as well as highlight potential low-quality clicks.

Reporting low-quality clicks

If you’ve identified low-quality click activity Bing Ads has not detected, contact Bing Ads Support. A Bing Ads representative will contact you once they receive your inquiry. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, your bill may be adjusted.


Click quality is important to all pay-per-click advertisers — it directly correlates with campaign performance. While working with your campaigns, remember these key points about click quality:

  • Look for unexplained changes in traffic volume.
  • Monitor ad click-through and conversion rates.
  • Identify average click volume.
  • Use performance reports to Identify sources of low-quality activities.
  • Set up a monthly budget allowing for trends and fluctuations.
  • Use conversion tracking.
  • Use web-tracking software.
  • Contact Bing Ads Support to report suspected low-quality click activity.

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