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Bing Ads Intelligence is a powerful keyword research and optimisation tool that operates seamlessly in Microsoft Office Excel. Once installed, open Excel and you’ll see a tab on the menu bar called Bing Ads Intelligence. Click the tab to start building your keyword lists and gauging keyword performance on the Bing Network. Being able to view, select and bid on the best performing keywords makes this tool critical for maximising your ad spend.

After reading this training, you will understand how to:

  • Download Bing Ads Intelligence.
  • Apply the keyword suggestion and keyword analysis features.
  • Create customisable keyword research workflows.
  • Download and use the keyword research templates.

Tool installation

Before you install the tool, be sure you have Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office and Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or newer installed and closed on your computer. Also, you must uninstall any previous versions of Bing Ads Add-in for Excel, or Bing Ads Intelligence. Next, sign in to your Bing Ads account and navigate to the Tools tab. Click the Bing Ads Intelligence menu item to link to the Bing Ads Intelligence download page. From here you may select “Download now” and follow the Install Wizard prompts.

Bing Ads Intelligence interface

Once installed, launch Excel and click the Bing Ads Intelligence tab.

Step 1: Sign in and select an account. Click the Sign in button, enter your Bing Ads credentials and click OK. In the Select Account dialog box, enter the name of the account you want to use and click the search icon. From the resulting list, select the account you want and click OK.

Step 2: Select a campaign and ad group. Once you have selected an account you then select the campaign and add up to 50 Ad Groups. From there, you’ll be able to download the keywords in the ad groups you’ve selected, along with their performance data.

Step 3: Download keywords to a worksheet. In the Select Data Range dialog box, select a data range from the list. If you select Custom data range, you’ll need to choose start and end dates. Then click Download. You can enter Keywords, Keyword Phrases, or URLs in a worksheet and select the keywords you want to use.

  • Keyword Research & Account buttons build or expand keyword lists with additional relevant keywords.
  • More Research Options buttons create a keyword strategy based on attributes like historical performance, geography and demographics, as well as review data to optimise keyword bidding strategies. The Auction Insights button allows review of competitive overlap of keyword bidding and impression share by additional Bing Ads advertisers.
  • The Opportunities tab offers quick suggestions around broad match keywords that may serve well within an account.

Most of these buttons require the input of parameters to fine-tune results, e.g., match types, devices and date ranges.

Keyword research & account

The keyword suggestions buttons help you quickly create large keyword lists from one initial seed keyword or URL:

  • To generate a suggested keyword list, select the keywords you want to use from your Account Keywords Worksheet (or any worksheet with a column of keywords). Select keywords from only one column. On the Bing Ads Intelligence tab, click Keyword Suggestions. If you want to customise the list, click Customise and select the options you want in the Keyword Suggestions dialog box and click Submit.  After you’ve created your list of suggested keywords, use Create Bulksheet and import them into a selected Bing Ads campaign and ad group.

More research options

You can apply the additional research options to your seed keywords, or to the generated keywords from the Keyword suggestions buttons. They include:

  • Click Traffic for daily, weekly and monthly search query counts. Traffic is useful for spotting trends in search queries.
  • Click Keyword Performance to view historical performance data for the specified keywords, including clicks, impressions and costs.

You can view keyword performance and historical performance data for the specified keywords, including clicks, impressions and costs within the excel plug-in, Bing Ads Intelligence

  • Under More Research, you may explore the following:
  • Click Webpage Keywords to generate keywords from a specific website.
  • Click Keyword Expansions to get more ideas from the keywords you select in the sheet.
  • Click Searches with Your Keyword to generate a list of search queries containing your keywords.
  • Click Associated Keywords to generate new keywords based on other advertisers' bidding behaviour.
  • Click Related Searches to create a list of search queries based on the Bing Related Search results. The related search terms are derived from the related searches list that appears on the left side of the Bing Search results screen.
  • Click Keyword Categories to view a list of business categories for specified keywords.
  • Click Search User Location to generate a list of locations within a country, state/province or city with the most searches on specified keywords.
  • Click Age Group & Gender to generate age group and gender percentages for the specified keywords over the last 30 days.Click Bid Estimation for New Keywords to research bid suggestions and estimated performance data for existing keywords.

Bid estimation for new keywords

Clicking Submit returns bid estimation data in a spreadsheet with the following columns:

  • Keyword
  • Position
  • Match Type
  • Estimated Min Bid
  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • CTR
  • Estimated Min Impressions
  • Keyword Research Templates are pre-generated keyword research ideas in the form of dashboard spreadsheets. They allow you to quickly research keywords using a best practice:

Accessing these templates is easy. Click on the Keyword Research Templates button to open the Template panel. Scroll to the desired template and click to open.

Most templates contain instructions, but, in general, they are easy to use. You enter information into highlighted cells and click on the Refresh All button.

Keyword Research Templates

Templates are powerful and flexible. You can extend existing templates with additional Bing Ads Intelligence and Excel features, or create custom templates based on your own unique workflow. Templates can be saved and shared with colleagues, or even shared with the Bing Ads Intelligence user community. To submit custom templates, email

Create a template

Bing Ads Intelligence lets you choose where to display results in your workbooks. In addition, you can manipulate data with favorite Excel features, like pivot tables, filters, sorts and graphs.

Create a list of Generated Keywords from the seed keyword, “digital camera.” From the Generated Keyword column, select the keywords to return data. Click Traffic to open the dialog box. Choose Existing Worksheet, and select the cell where the returned traffic data should be placed. In this example, we chose D6.

Click Submit, and the Traffic data is inserted at the cell location selected, D6.

Create a template

You can save this workflow and use it again later. If you need traffic data for a different keyword, simply select a new range of keywords and click Refresh All in the ribbon.

Auction Insights

Now you can see how you compare to other advertisers participating in the same auctions on the Bing Network. The Auction Insights report provides data on key statistics, including impression share and top of page rate. The report can help you make strategic optimisation decisions by showing where you are succeeding and where you may be missing opportunities for improved performance.

Opportunities (Pilot)

  • Broad Match Opportunities will recommend high-quality broad match opportunities that could help increase impression and click volume within your account. This will be mapped to whichever account you’ve selected within the ribbon.
  • Broad Match Search Query provides insight on search queries that were matched to the recommended broad match keywords in the marketplace (currently in pilot).


Bing Ads Intelligence is a powerful keyword research tool that helps you build, expand and research keyword lists in Excel.

Bing Ads Intelligence helps you:

  • Build lists of relevant keywords with query data from the Bing Network.
  • Increase your ROI by identifying affordable keywords with high performance potential.
  • Discover competitive bids that can help increase traffic.
  • Create customisable keyword research templates that let you analyze data for your business.

Thanks for reading this training on the Bing Ads Intelligence Tool. Continue your training or take the BAAP exam to become accredited.

Please note all features in this training may not be available in your market.