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Bing Ads Editor is a tool you download and install on your computer. Once the tool is installed, you can manage and optimise your Bing Ads campaigns without being online. Offline flexibility and an intuitive interface give you more control over the performance of your ad campaigns.

After reading this training, you will understand how to:

  • Download accounts and campaigns to Bing Ads Editor.
  • Synchronise accounts with Bing Ads online.
  • Determine updates from the Browser and Manager panes.
  • Use Notification icons, bars and messages to identify and resolve conflicts, errors, warnings and opportunities.

Working with accounts and campaigns

The first time you launch Bing Ads Editor, enter your Bing Ads credentials and choose an account to download.

Next, you’ll see the Add/Manage Accounts dialog, which lists all of the account campaigns. Select the option to Sync entire account, or save time and disk space by selecting only the campaigns you need. Click OK to download your selection and monitor the progress of synchronisation operations from the Sync Progress window.

At any time, you can add and remove accounts and campaigns from the File menu.

Screenshot of options to add and remove accounts from the file menu in Bing Ads Editor.

By clicking Open account, you can open the account you downloaded or choose all available accounts. After downloading, accounts will appear in the Account drop-down list. Click the names in the list to move around the accounts.

When you remove an account, first synchronise your changes by using the Post Changes button. Post operations are applied only to the accounts and campaigns you’ve downloaded. 

Bing Ads EditorScreenshot of errors notification bar with „view errors“ selected.

Errors, warnings and opportunities

Bing Ads Editor makes it easy to see errors, warnings and opportunities with the following:

  • Notification icons appear in the notification type column in the Summary Grid.
  • Notification bars appear at the top of the Summary Grid. The notification message column is not displayed in the Summary Grid by default, but you can select the row to view the message in the Edit pane.
  • Account-level notifications appear in a red bar at the top of the Summary Grid, and indicate when and why an account is inactive.

In the Summary Grid, items with errors are indicated by a red circle with an exclamation point (”!”). The error icon also appears on the tabs that contain errors. Error types include:

  • Warning notifications indicate the potential for undesired behaviour, like negative keyword conflicts.
  • Information notifications provide additional details that are unrelated to delivery issues, like pending editorial review.
  • Opportunity notifications indicate opportunities for improvement, like low bids.

Bing Ads Editor makes it easy to focus on critical items first. Just sort or filter by the notification type, or click the View errors button in the Errors notification bar. The error view reveals only items with errors. It enables the error message column, which explains how to correct them. Once you’ve corrected all errors, click Back to All view.

Screenshot of errors notification bar with „view all“ selected.

If your campaigns contain data generating warnings, the Warning notification bar replaces the Error notification bar. This occurs when you are in All view. Click View warnings to filter by the warning notification type.

If you modify the data generating warnings and return to the All view, the Information notification bar replaces the Warning notification bar. This occurs when your campaigns contain data generating information notifications. Close Notification bars to increase your work area. You can always return to a view by selecting it from the View menu.

If you modify the data generating warnings and return to the All view, the Information notification bar replaces the Warning notification bar. This occurs when your campaigns contain data generating information notifications. Close Notification bars to increase your work area. You can always return to a view by selecting it from the View menu

Using multiple filtering criteria

Users can enter multiple criteria, versus a single criterion, to select campaigns. To do so, copy/paste the criteria from a file and the criterion will automatically be separated with *,* within the field. Users can enter up to 10,000 criteria.


With Bing Ads Editor, it’s simple to manage your Bing Ads campaigns. Whether you’re online or offline, Bing Ads Editor gives you the flexibility and control to optimise your campaigns anytime and anywhere.  

Key takeaways:

  • Efficiently manage accounts and make edits offline. 
  • Summary grid makes it easy to view and edit campaign entities.
  • Icons and notification bars quickly alert you to errors or warnings that need attention.
  • Multiple filtering criteria can be used to select campaigns.

Top Tip: Use Bing Ads Editor to try out different “what if” scenarios before finalising your online account.

Thanks for reading this overview on Bing Ads Editor. Continue your training or take the Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam to become accredited.

Please note all features in this training may not be available in your market.