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Bing Ads Editor is a powerful tool that lets you make updates to your campaigns from a local desktop application, and then publish the changes to your Bing Ads account, or to multiple accounts in bulk.

After reading this training, you will understand how to:

  • Sync Bings Ads using Bing Ads Editor for Mac or PC.
  • Make changes in bulk and copy/past across accounts.
  • Update keywords and bids.
  • Use filtering criteria to select campaigns.

Syncing Bing Ads with Bing Ads Editor

To sync Bing Ads Editor with Bing Ads, from the Bing Ads Editor page, click on your Account, (or accounts), then get your Bing Ads data into the Bing Ads Editor tool. Click OK.

You can also use the import tab to import campaigns from Google, Yahoo, or an external file. Click Get changes each time you sign into Bing Ads Editor to make sure what you’re looking at is the most up-to-date information.

Now that the data is synced, you can make changes on a single account, or multiple accounts at the same time. You can navigate your entire structure from the left hand Campaign navigation panel. Use tools such as Advanced search to find specific campaign details.

Bing Ads Editor lets you make updates as granular as changing the bid price for a single keyword, and as big as bulk changes, where you can click Make multiple changes to create a whole new set of campaigns.

You can find and replace specific pieces of information, or copy and paste entire campaigns and ad groups within the same accounts or across multiple accounts. Remember, changes you make will not be reflected until you Post the changes.

Support for Updates

With Bing Ads Editor, you can work faster syncing campaigns. You can make changes offline, and then upload your revisions with one click. And, do it in bulk. A visually pleasing user interface makes navigation simple.

Bing Ads Editor supports management processes for new updated features in Shared budgets, Device Targeting, Callout Extensions, Bing Ads Shopping, and more. Bing Ads editor also supports Mac beta.

Bing Ads Editor for Mac beta

If you’re using a Mac, you will now benefit from the overall speed increase of account downloads and bulk edits. As with Windows users, you can now manage multiple accounts, saving you hours each day.

Two important features with Mac alignment include:

  • Support for managing multiple accounts: You can simultaneously sync your campaigns, quickly start a Google Import and easily perform local bulk edits.
  • Copy + paste across multiple accounts: You can copy optimized campaigns and ads from one account to multiple with copy and paste. (Editor for Mac natively supports OS X keyword shortcuts such as Command ⌘+ C and Command ⌘ + V.)

Note: Bing Ads Editor for Mac is in beta testing with limited access and only localized in US-English right now, but support for all the Bing Ads languages and markets is on the way.

Apply negative keyword lists using shared libraries

The best way to eliminate unwanted search traffic is by using negative keywords. With the negative keyword library feature in Bing Editor, you can efficiently apply whole lists of negative keywords to multiple campaigns.

To create a list, click the Shared library tab, making sure you are in the Negative Keywords Lists view. Click Add Negative Keywords To List, and name your new list. To add negative keywords, click Negative Keywords In List and then click Add Negative Keywords To List.

From there, you will able to enter the negative keyword and select a match type (Exact or Phrase) inside the main grid. If you already have your list of negative keywords in a spreadsheet, you can add them all at once by clicking Make Multiple Changes, and then copying/pasting the list from your spreadsheet.


With Bing Ads Editor for Mac and PC, it’s simple to manage your Bing Ads campaigns in bulk. Whether you’re online or offline, Bing Ads Editor gives you the flexibility and control to optimize multiple campaigns anytime and anywhere, from multiple devices.

Get instructions to download Bing Ads Editor for Mac or PC.

Key takeaways

  • Efficiently manage multiple accounts and make edits offline. 
  • Monitoring and reporting on campaign performance.
  • Available for both PC and Mac.
  • Import campaigns from external sources like Google AdWords.

Thanks for reading this overview on Bing Ads Editor. Continue your training or take the Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam to become accredited.

Please note all features in this training may not be available in your market.