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Bing Ads budget tools allows you to control your advertising spend, and use features that make payments flexible and easy. This training will explain available budgeting and billing, show you how to maximize budgets, and set up a daily campaign budget. It will also review payment methods, issues with customer credit, and new account management systems.

After reading this training, you will understand how to:

  • Set up a Shared Budget and select from daily budget options.
  • Identify and fix errors that prevent accounts from serving ads.
  • Link prepay billing methods and become the bill-to party.
  • Optimize allocated budgets and identify credit holds and limits.
  • Update client address and provide proper invoicing.
  • Find your billing threshold and create limits on spending.

Bing Ads Budget basics

Your campaign budget is the total amount covering expenses across your campaign’s ad groups. Bing Ads allows you to budget on a daily basis and lets you control how quickly your budget is spent. There are ways to modify variations of daily budgeting.

Shared Budgets

The Bing Ads Shared Budgets feature lets you spend between campaigns using the same account. Either apply a single Shared Budget across all your campaigns, or select specific campaigns for distribution. With a Shared Budget, Bing Ads automatically adjusts how your budget is spent across its campaigns to help you improve your ROI.

Let's say you want to spend $40 per day on Campaign A and $40 per day on Campaign B. One day, Campaign A gets fewer clicks than usual, and only spends $30. Meanwhile, demand for ads from Campaign B is higher than usual. With individual budgets, Campaign B could run out of funds, leaving potential clicks on the table. But with a Shared Budget, Bing Ads reallocates the $10 Campaign A didn't need to Campaign B, letting it capitalize on the additional demand.

You can always go back to using individual budgets for complete control over how much you spend on each campaign.

To set up a Shared Budget, click Shared Library in the left navigation pane. Click View Budgets. Click Create budget.

Give your Shared Budget a unique name and set a budget amount. Keep in mind that this amount needs to be large enough to cover all of the campaigns to which the Shared Budget is applied. Select the campaigns you want to use this Shared Budget. Click Save.

Note: Once you have set up at least one Bing Ads Shared Budget, when you create a new campaign, you will have the option to choose a Shared Budget for it to use.

Choose an appropriate budget option

Before you can submit your ad campaign, you need to set up your campaign’s budget and keyword bids. You also need to select a budget type. Don't worry, you can change your budget amount and budget types at any time. Changes to your budget generally take effect within an hour or so.

Campaign budget

There are four budget types to choose from:

Set a Daily – Standard if displaying your ads throughout the entire day is important and you are willing to monitor your budget daily so you can make adjustments if necessary.

Set a Daily – Accelerated if you want to maximize impressions but are also are willing to monitor your budget daily so you can make adjustments if necessary.

Set a Shared – Standard if displaying your ads across multiple campaigns throughout the entire day is important and you are willing to monitor your budget daily so you can make adjustments if necessary.

Set a Shared – Accelerated if you want to maximize impressions across multiple campaigns but are also are willing to monitor your budget daily so you can make adjustments if necessary.

Setting a daily budget

When initially creating a campaign, start with either the Daily – Standard or the Shared – Standard budget type. 

To choose the Daily budget option, select Daily from the drop-down menu next to the Campaign budget box. In the Campaign budget box, enter your daily amount. When you set a daily budget, the Bing Ads system multiplies the daily amount by the number of days in the current month and automatically calculates the maximum monthly budget. Expand Daily budget options to select how you want the budget spent, Standard or Accelerated.

To change your budget type later on, simply click Campaigns located at the top of the page. Click the name of the campaign you want to update. Click the Settings tab. Select the appropriate budget type, enter an appropriate amount, and click Save.

Budgeting suggestions

To manage budget issues, access the Bing Ads Budget Suggestions tool from the opportunities tab. For each campaign with a depleted, or nearly depleted budget, Bing Ads provides a recommended budget, along with an estimated increase in clicks.

Using this tool, it’s easy to make adjustments to budget recommendations, and apply the new budgets to your campaigns

Account Alerts

When an account has an error, the ads in that account do not run. With Bing Ads Account Alerts, status alerts consolidate in one place, with links to help you resolve any issues. Simply visit the Accounts Summary and Account Details pages. You can filter for specific errors and export errors from Bing Ads online. A dropdown displays the different types of errors can be filtered. Account errors automatically dismiss when resolved.

If you manage more than one Bing Ads account, you can get the big picture from the Accounts Summary page. 

Billing basics

Bing Ads billing is flexible, giving you the choice between pre- and postpay options, as well as multiple payment methods. You can also spend time getting familiar with your Bing Ads account and the Bing Ads interface prior to setting up payment information. When ready, enable your account for live activity by establishing a billing method. Remember, with Bing Ads search engine advertising, there are never charges until someone clicks your ad.

To set up billing for the first time, click Accounts & Billing. Click the Payment Methods tab. Click Add card or another payment method of your choice.

Select the country of your billing address, and then select from a range of -Bing Ads billing options, including how you pay (payment setting) and what you pay with (payment method).

Enter the required information based on the payment method you select.

Prepay and postpay options

There are two ways to pay for your pay-per-click advertising charges: prepay and postpay. With prepay, you add funds to your account and have charges deducted from those funds. With postpay, you pay on a regular basis after charges accrue.

There are two postpay billing options: Threshold or Monthly Invoice.

With Threshold, you pay with a card when you reach your billing threshold amount or on your monthly billing date, whichever comes first. With Monthly Invoice, you get credit approval to charge up to a specified monthly amount and pay using a monthly invoicing process.

Read all about getting qualified for monthly invoice billing.

If clients use pre-pay, their account managers can become the bill-to party. Clients can opt into recurring charges and managers can specify the amount to prepay on their behalf, and decide between using a credit card for pre-pay and PayPal or a credit card for post-pay.

With Bing Ads Standard User Role, you can now manage billing-related actions at the account level, such as managing insertion orders and switching payment settings. Select access and alerts for accounts relevant to you.

Billing threshold

Your Bing Ads Billing threshold is the charge against your primary payment method when you reach your billing threshold or your monthly billing date, whichever comes first.

Say in your first 30-day period, your charges are well below your billing threshold of $50. Your primary payment method is thus charged on your monthly billing date. In the next 30-day period, you hit your billing threshold a few days before your monthly billing date. In this instance, your primary payment method is charged at that time.

Billing threshold

You can set a limit on the amount Bing Ads can charge your payment method. For example, if your billing threshold is $2,500, but you don't want charges to your credit card that are greater than $2,000, you can set a limit.

You can find your billing threshold by clicking Accounts & Billing. Click the Billing tab.

If you have more than one account, click the account number for the account you want to set the limit on. At the top of the page, in the box titled When you pay, the amount shown is the current billing threshold applied to your account.

To set a billing threshold limit, click set a limit in the When you pay summary at the top of the page. Select Limit each charge to and enter the payment amount you do not want to exceed.

Managing insertion orders

You can create and manage your IO’s online, or call your Bing Ads account manager to have them do it for you.

You can create an insertion order following these easy steps:

From the Accounts & Billing tab, click the insertion orders tab. Click on Create Order. The required fields are the Start date, End date, and Budget. When finished, click Accept.

You’ll notice Pending Bing Ads review in the Status column. Once the Bing Ads team has reviewed the IO, the status will be updated to active, and your ads will run on the ordered start date.

If your account manager creates the IO, you will get an email asking you to review the order. On the insertion orders page, click Review pending orders. You can then choose to accept or decline the order. If you need to cancel an order for any reason, such as budget or scheduling changes, just select it and click Cancel order.

Managing your payment method

You can add, remove or change the payment method on your account at any time. (Note: You cannot change between prepay and postpay options.)

Go to the Accounts & Billing page and choose the payment methods tab. To change to an existing payment method, click the Set button. Click the Add option of your choice. Click the Edit button. To edit a selection. Click the Delete button to remove a payment option. Click the Add funds link to draw money from the payment method (if you are using pre-pay accounts).

Invoice mailing address

The Bing Ads mailing address field ensures that invoices are not sent to the wrong address. You get to choose where to receive your billing information for your multiple accounts.

You can receive monthly invoices at a separate specific mailing address, and even receive your billing information internationally, including a country that is different from your business address.

If you have a single account, you can add or edit your business location and, if required, tax information*, on the Accounts tab.

To add the mailing address, select the Billing tab under the Accounts & billing section. Click on the Settings button from the billing view. In the  Bing Ads Billing Settings section, select the Bill-to customer for which you want to add/edit the mailing address. Make the changes to the Invoice mailing address field. Click Save.

*Customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are now billed by Microsoft Ireland Operations Ltd. Because the billing entity is located in the European Union, the purchase of Bing Ads advertising services is subject to value-added tax (VAT*) in some business locations.

To edit the business location and, if required, tax information for multiple accounts, select the accounts you want to edit, and click Edit Taxes.

Your new billing documents will reflect Microsoft Ireland Operations Ltd. as the new billing entity.

Note: Invoices will be sent to legal addresses as usual, if you do not provide new, separate mailing addresses.

Read more about how to pay for your Bing Ads.

Credit holds & limits

The Bing Ads single guided workflow helps resolve credit holds and provides visibility into the status of any issues with credit limits.

From the dashboard, click Resolve Credit Hold button to see when you’re nearing your credit line. There you will see information about when you will reach your credit limit, as well as payment due. Going over the limit places your accounts on hold.

You can view all credit holds in your account from your dashboard as well. First click the Resolve Credit Hold button, then choose your payment method and enter the information. Click Pay Balance. You can check the status of your transaction in the Summary section.

Review your billing statements

You can review your Bing Ads billing statements at any time in several ways:

  • Click Accounts & Billing and select the account. Look for the “Statements” in the right column to immediately find recent statements.
  • Click the Billing tab to see more detail and statements.

Thanks for reading this training on Bing Ads budgets and billing options. Continue your training or take the Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam to become accredited.

Please note all features in this training may not be available in your market.