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Flower delivery service earns superior return on investment

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The online flower delivery market is very competitive. With rivals creating quick-and-dirty websites and e-commerce platforms, online florist FloraQueen competes with players in five local markets and the international marketplace for online flower delivery.


FloraQueen has been aggressive in its digital marketing, using all available channels, such as search engine optimisation, content marketing, social media and display ads. But paid search advertising is core to its strategy. Enter Bing Ads — an option that complements existing Google solutions. For example, Bing Ads Editor allows the easy importing of Google AdWords campaigns so a company can get up and running quickly.


With Bing Ads, results were notably positive. FloraQueen earned a cost per acquisition lower than Google AdWords and a superior return on investment. The company is actively looking to spend more on Bing search advertising. "I want to do more with Bing Ads," says FloraQueen marketing director, Jonatan Nuñez Garcia. "For me, there's no limit in advertising spend as long as I get the cost per acquisition I want and expect and continue to get a good return on investment.”

Check out our case study in Spanish, or below in English.